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Career uncertainty with squiggles, steps and segues are a reality. Jobs for life are a myth. A fixed mindset can get you in trouble and growth is the only way through. You keep expecting your employer to keep up but the expectation is mis-placed. You search and search for new knowledge and challenge and up-skill voraciously


This… is the realisation I had in my own career that freed me to find fulfilment within myself and my own actions and then show up as that person in my organisation or business.

As a certified coach I believe you have everything you need within you to overcome the challenges and reach the goals you set before you. I also know that you are not starved of inspiration and empowerment, a short google and you find those. But true and meaningful transformation isn’t at the end of a Google search.


I’ve spent over 15 years helping others to reach a similar freedom. Through 1:1 coaching, The Career Clubhouse Membership, workshops and interactive talks I’ve been able to spread a message of power, agency, fulfilment with my values at the core. As the daughter of 2 multi-hyphenate parents I knew my career would be anything but traditional, when you send your first invoice at 14 you get a sense of creativity and innovation that doesn’t sit well in a box. Through my experience in hospitality, real estate and now tech I’ve experienced burnout, promotion, pivot, 1.5 university degrees, toxic environments, support environments and everything in between.

I’m here to remind you that ambition isn’t a dirty word and that nobody should care more about your ambition than you. Working with countless people to gain promotion, pivots, establish businesses, shape their professional brand and attract opportunities has given me more than enough evidence that proven techniques and tools work only if you do. Yes, you have to take action because nobody is coming to find you and we stopped believing in fairy God-mothers some time ago!



Life is too short for me not to be real with you and give you the un-filtered truth of careers and personal development, I show-up and share personal experiences confidently because I can’t afford to hide, I’m intentional with every service, experience or product crafting from scratch to enable and equip you in the area of growth. I do this because I care and don’t think you need anymore inspiration, hashtags or hustle-chats. You deserve tools, challenge & genuine expertise.

Our careers won’t be straight lines, this I know well! This very business was borne of redundancy from the job I thought I’d keep forever. I thought I was home, after travelling through various corporate environments to find myself in a tech company that embraced my (then) green afro, ideas and connector superpowers. I had to follow the breadcrumbs to this place from my personal experience with high-functioning anxiety, burnout and depression, I was a mess.

A panic attack stepping off the tube at Aldgate East station changed that forever, I found my first life coach through Sanctus and began to unravel and un-wind all my quirks and create a new perspective on life; one of my own making.

Putting my mental health and self-care first. Always a driven, passionate, personal development junkie I was amazed by my own ability to find my own solutions. Through the transformation of myself I saved my life and unlocked the potential in each day, week, month and year.  I was blown away by the power of discovering my own voice I was determined to carve out this space for others. 

I left each session transformed and vowed to create the same space for others. I gained my Mental Health First Aid Certificate, started coach training with Koreo and my ILM Coaching certificate arrived shortly after my redundancy pay and I’m here to tell the tale!

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