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Interactive Talks, Workshops & Group Coaching

Workshops are an essential part of learning from and with others. Each workshop I host is designed to go over a core personal development topic, providing its participants with insightful tools, knowledge and motivation. My signature technique of coaching and facilitating ensures that each participant has actionable goals that can be put into practice long after the workshop has ended.

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Transformation is the name of my game when taking the mic to share a powerful message. When I speak, my intention is to leave attendees with a new perspective and a practical next step they can take forward in their lives and careers.

With more memories than I can count of holding a microphone from a very young age, inspiring folks with spoken word and insight has always great joy and honour. Sharing on a panel, stepping up to deliver a workshop or joining a podcast to be interviewed all have the same goal for me. Encouraging high-achievers to embrace their ambition and create sustainable success in their careers and communities.

Empowering a generation of high-achievers towards their goals.

Choose your topic

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting, this session is designed to provide valuable insights into creating meaningful connections across various platforms.



Today's fast-paced world makes it hard to achieve high performance. It's easy to focus on what needs to be done, but we need to align our mindsets and identities. The goal of our workshop is to bridge that gap by giving you the tools and strategies you need.



Improve your communication skills in everyday situations, from routine interactions to big presentations. Master the art of communicating your ideas with confidence and poise.



​Are you an entrepreneur at the helm of your venture, a team leader steering projects to success, or a community leader making impactful decisions? Join to transform your leadership approach and elevate your influence.



Imposter syndrome. What does it mean? And how do they (the imposter) even show up? Together, we will get the true definition of imposter syndrome so you can understand it. explore the different reasons that cause it so you can identify and overcome it more easily. 



Quarterly goal getting workshops in-line with reporting and review periods.

A blend of workshops, group and private coaching to support cohorts.

A series of workshops for onboarding, accelerators, early careers, graduate, internship or placement programmes.

A pre-recorded series of workshops that can be delivered through your LMS.

As a skilled facilitator and qualified coach, designing insightful, integrated and impactful programs is my thing. All I need to know are your goals and challenges to begin. Here's a few ideas to get you started:

Or create something unique

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By doing playful exercises, such as figuring out the best way to use a limited-time resource or presenting different ways of getting to a single goal, new connections are created and you trigger more ideas.

The topics are career but the sessions are human. You will feel a greater connection to your community or colleagues, receive and provide support, and develop better skills in pressure situations. Together.

Fosters Connection


Impacts are achieved more easily with a greater sense of camaraderie. Effective collaboration is encouraged and shared ownership keeps team members engaged and dedicated to shared goals.

Introduces radical responsibility


Ignites Creative Thinking


What's the impact?

Never allow high-flyers to leave again because they are stagnant . Make your team more resilient and adaptable, less fearful of change and growth through consistent personal development opportunities.

The positive effect on wellbeing from reducing stress through group interaction and personal reflection has been proven to have a positive impact on project outcomes and company performance.

Centres Wellbeing


Retains top talent


You'll walk away with a better understanding of self, and a clear idea of what you want to do afterwards. Understanding that personal development is a lifelong journey with this workshop as a component.

Supports continuous growth 


Questions? no problem, i've got answers

  1. Reach out by booking a call here or enquiring above.
  2. I will send a no-obligation proposal detailing preparation, delivery and cost based on our conversation.
  3. If you accept this proposal, I will send an onboarding form and provide an agreement and invoice
  4. We begin!

Attend an upcoming public workshop or event listed here. For long-term commitments, we can also arrange a pilot with your key decision-makers.

what are the steps to book?

how can i better understand your delivery style?

how can i better understand your delivery style?

Attend an upcoming public workshop or event listed here. For long-term commitments, we can also arrange a pilot with your key decision-makers.

will we be able to record the session?

Yes, but bear in mind workshops are designed to be intimate and coaching-based, so a recording could detract from the safe space created. we’d need to be transparent about the reasons for recording with all participants and who it can be accessed by. Please note recording comes at an additional fee.

If you’d prefer a self-paced workshop for your learning hub or intranet, we can discuss this separately.

We have a particular theme we'd like to anchor your session to, is that possible?

Yes, this is something we can discuss on a call, core content, activities, the session title, duration and more can be adapted to suit your overall programming and team.

what's the maximum capacity for workshops?

Workshops offline are capped at 20. For numbers more significant than this, multiple sessions will be required or a co-facilitator included. Workshops online are uncapped.

why invest in group experiences?

Group experiences are often powerful ways to learn, taking time away from business as usual to gain new insight, complete reflective exercises and discuss ways of work with coaching at the foundation is unique and impactful.