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A time to discuss doing the work to create careers that grow. Real, candid, authentic, imperfect and practical stories and journeys. Acknowledging that creating a career that grows doesn’t happen by accident; it takes work! This show will uncover exactly what that work is with empowerment, inspiration and enablement.

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Getting spiritual with Julie Chandler
Welcome to this week's episode of the phenomenal career podcast. Today I have the amazing Julie Chandler with me and I can't wait to dive into her story.  Hi! I am Julie. I am the owner of Soul Focus UK, which is completely designed to let you tap into the universe's tools. …
Making the ask with Elizabeth Blege
Once I quit my job, I spent the first four months experimenting with different ways to get clients on board. It varied between going to events, speaking at events, sending cold emails, reaching out to existing connections, which all worked to varying degrees of success. Then COVID-19 hit and that threw everything …
Mentorship, Entrepreneurship, Legal Practice With Egbe Manton
On episode 8 of The Phenomenal Career Podcast I sat down with Egbe Manton of Manton Legal to explore mentorship, entrepreneurship, legal practice and more. Catch the full episode here and enjoy the interview below.