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Coaching with Jaz


You have everything within you and your own answers are waiting to be discovered. I believe that once you get clear on what you want you can then begin to map a path to it. The life you want and deserve doing the work you love, and is waiting for you. Are you ready for the life you want doing work you love?

A powerful space for you to overcome challenges and uncover a path to your career dreams

Goals for Coaching

Unlock, clarity, decide and go get it

Seeing clearly. Simply as that; when we can see in front of us we can take steps in that direction. Crossroads are no fun but you have an internal GPS that can change your perspective.

Find out what YOU really want. Not your mother or your manager. You. So often we hand over the keys to someone else to the point we don’t even realise we have become strangers within our own careers. Put yourself back at the centre with a plan and passion like never before.

Unlock motivation and confidence

Getting stuck is no fun. Having all the things you “should” and “could” do gets you no closer to the goal. Understanding you, your ways and your why so your career doesn’t roll down the hill on autopilot.

The memes, catchphrases and quotes never stick. Explore your journey with confidence; your beliefs about who you are and what you can do. Beneath it all we will find your path to authentic confidence that will stick around.

Navigate change and get comfortable with the uncomfortable

New industry, new role, new levels, new business and more. All of the above come with new challenges and a level of discomfort. Hidden within the discomfort are lessons for life.

Change is a part of life that’s guaranteed but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’re ready to flip everything upside down and you needn’t do it alone. Take pause in the midst of the pivot to ensure the change is everything you want it to be and more.

What this includes

Start with vision setting

90 minutes to begin the right way. Putting pen to paper and laying out your ambitions in black and white (or purple, up to you!) so we can clarify your life and career goals alongside the goals for our work together.

Flexible Schedule

You're busy, so the only schedule is the one you set. Plug & play your twelve 45 minute sessions when most potent and purposeful. Not a fan of too-much flexibility, start with fortnightly; we have 12 months together.

Bespoke Resources

From the welcome pack to coaching exercises between sessions you will receive insight and resources to deepen your exploration of your goal, mindset, beliefs and actions.

Clifton Strengths Profile

Let's get clear on your strengths in a practical and tangible way. Making decisions, showing up authentically and coming un-stuck is made easier with this kind of self-knowledge.

Unlimited Email Support

Not voxer, not whatsapp. Intentional space by email to continue the coaching conversation, celebrate the wins and to hold the mirror in the pressure-points outside of the sessions. Empowered and available for the full 6 months and in your inbox for time to come!
Why wait? Start now by
booking a call

Why put off taking your career to the next level? Book a no-obligation call below to find out what coaching could add to your personal development and progress.


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Coaching is powerful. Don't just take my word for it, experience it for yourself.

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Let me be your mirror

Your career stops growing because you stop seeing yourself. Yes, sure there is a reflection in the mirror but it’s murky and stained and that might actually be dried porridge in that corner.

It’s unclear.

There is a tendency for our imaginations to run wild, to doubt, to see the imposter, to make wobbly decisions, to under-promote, under-value, and under-everything in our day-to-day lives. It’s a gateway.

Someone asked me what my superpower was and at first I said “a mirror” and then we spoke more about my ability to make the tangled untangled. To take 2 minutes or 2 hours of your “I don’t know if that makes sense?” musings and hand you back every single shard from YOUR broken mirror re-assembled into something new, with all the character of the fractures but all the clarity you once had before.

Why? Because you ALWAYS make sense. My job as a coach is to show you that; I don’t add things or create something totally different, I work with what you give me. Like “ready, steady cook” in the 90s you rock up to a session and empty your bag, and we make something delicious.

If this sounds like something you need right now, book a call. I’d love to fix your mirror.


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this for?
This is for ambitious individuals who want to grow their careers through a transition phase, pivot, promotion, side-hustle or specialism. You want to do this in a sustainable and anti-burnout way, carving an authentic space with powerful coaching.
What happens during the consultation call?
I will ask a few questions about your career and what attracts you coaching right now. In turn you will be able to ask me any question that comes to mind about my work, the programme and my approach. It is a no-obligation call so you are welcome to book even if you are unsure you are ready, have the resources or are a good fit. These are things we can discuss openly.
What is coaching?

Coaching is a conversation designed to help you find solutions to your challenges and pathways to your goals.
It’s non-judgemental, confidential and 100% all about you. In your sessions you will receive life coaching towards your career focus. This is not instructional, so I will help you find your own answers not providing answers myself (that’s mentoring).

Is this confidential?

Yes. 100% confidential. This ensures you are safe and can take full advantage of the space.

Why did you become a coach? Where can I find more about your approach to coaching?

The best place for this is my podcast episode “Coaching unlocked” , I share how and why I became a coach, who I love to work with and detail what happens when you book a call. Listen here.

What are the steps to begin?
  • Book a consultation call to understand if we are a good fit and establish some goals for coaching.
  • Following the call I will send a proposal for our work together
  • If you decide to move forward I will ask you to confirm how you will make the investment either in full or 2,4,6,8 or 10 instalments.
  • I will send a Coaching Agreement and invoice for our work together
  • Once settled you will then receive a welcome pack alongside a link to book your initial 90 mins goals session and further twelve 45 minute sessions.
  • We begin!
Are you qualified and insured?

Yes, to both. I possess a Level 3 certificate in coaching from the ILM, an Associate Coach Diploma from Optimus Coaching Academy and deliver all services in accordance with the ICF code of ethics as a member as I’m ACC Certified. All services are subject to a coaching agreement we both sign before commencing.

Book a call
Why wait? Start now!

Why put off taking your career to the next level? You can book a no-obligation call below to find out what coaching could add to your personal development and progress.


What they are saying

My sessions with Jaz have been incredible. She has allowed me space and time to explore my business – asking me powerful questions which really make me consider my mindset and future business plans. Her intuitive nature means she understands what your going through and often allows me to see what I have been blind to- often thing which have been holding me back from playing bigger. Jaz‘s unique hybrid of business mentoring and coaching means that I have had the best of both worlds – expert opinion coupled with finding my way of running my business. Jaz is calm and collected, which made me feel at ease in the sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her support. I really feel like she has my back

Dominique Atwell

During a period of change, transition, and personal transformation, I had the fortune of winning a 3-month block of sessions with Jaz. By making time and space for myself to connect with what I really wanted and needed, in my career and elsewhere, I was able to identify and dismantle a number of deeply-held blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from achieving my potential. Since then, I have been able to embrace the unknown in new ways and have seen myself up-level and enjoy life in ways I’d never experienced before. I have been — and continue to be! — blown away by the realities that I am creating, and credit my relationship and work with Jaz as being core to many of the shifts that I am experiencing.


Coaching - Just Jaz

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