Saying yes to everything, up at dawn and logging off after dusk isn't sustainable. At some point the midnight-oil your burning runs out and then you'll be sitting there in the shadow of your ambition wondering what happened.

Achieve more while doing 50% less. Because doing the-most won't work much longer.

Your career stops growing because you stop seeing yourself. Yes, sure, there is a reflection in the mirror, but it’s murky and stained; it’s unclear.

So that means you can't see yourself overworking and under-earning, your missing the ways your doubting, seeing the imposter and making wobbly decisions from the place of fear.

Everything looks good but it doesn't feel that way. At all.

Someone asked me what my superpower was, and I said, “A mirror,”. This is because of my ability to make the tangled untangled. 

To take 20 minutes or 2 hours of your “I don’t know if that makes sense?”-musings and hand you back something clean and clear and YOU. My job as a coach is to show you-you; I don’t add things or create something totally different, I work with what you give me - I simply clean the mirror.

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saying yes to everything doesn't make you ambitious. 


You have everything within you, and your answers are waiting to be discovered. Once you understand what you want, you can map a path to it. The career you desire and deserve is waiting for you. Are you ready for it?


Private Coaching

Seeing clearly. Simply as that; when we can see in front of us we can take steps in that direction. Crossroads are no fun but you have an internal GPS that can change your perspective.

Find out what YOU really want. Not your mother or your manager. You. So often we hand over the keys to someone else to the point we don’t even realise we have become strangers within our own careers. Put yourself back at the centre with a plan and passion like never before.

Unlock clarity, decide and go get it.

Here's what my proven process includes:

for the high-achiever ready to do less and create more

Getting stuck is no fun. Having all the things you “should” and “could” do gets you no closer to the goal. Understanding you, your ways and your why so your career doesn’t roll down the hill on autopilot.
The memes, catchphrases and quotes never stick. Explore your journey with confidence; your beliefs about who you are and what you can do. Beneath it all we will find your path to authentic confidence that will stick around.

Unlock motivation & confidence.

New industry, new role, new levels, new business and more. All of the above come with new challenges and a level of discomfort. Hidden within the discomfort are lessons for life.

Change is a part of life that’s guaranteed but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You’re ready to flip everything upside down and you needn’t do it alone. Take pause in the midst of the pivot to ensure the change is everything you want it to be and more.

Navigate change and get comfortable with the uncomfortable.




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Through private coaching, community and workshops I’ve been able to spread a message of power, agency, and fulfilment with my values at the core. As the daughter of 2 multi-hyphenate parents I knew my career would be anything but traditional, when you send your first invoice at 14 you get a sense of creativity and innovation that doesn’t sit well in a box.

Fast forward to present-day I’m on a mission to re-introduce folks to their ambition, with a new approach that creates a career that powers and empowers our lives and not the opposite. My signature straight-talking style is non-negotiable, with each session I aim to leave you both inspired and equipped to get back in the driving seat of your career. 

Meet Ambitious Careers Expert, Jaz Marfo.

 felt respected, listened to, and supported. You asked a lot of thought-provoking questions which made me come to surprising realisations. The experience has certainly helped me to boost my self-awareness in both - personal and private life. I have acquired a broader and more objective perspective on my life, goals, and aspirations. Coaching is an incredible tool that helped me to develop what works for me and what doesn't, what my values are, and where my priorities lie.

It was a great experience. It was a moment to step back, clear my ideas and set up priorities. It helped me move to action. The magic happened even though I came to my coaching sessions with no expectations. Your powerful questions were really useful

My sessions with Jaz have been incredible. She has allowed me space and time to explore my business - asking me powerful questions which really make me consider my mindset and future business plans. Her intuitive nature means she understands what your going through and often allows me to see what I have been blind to- often thing which have been holding me back from playing bigger. Jaz‘s unique hybrid of business mentoring and coaching means that I have had the best of both worlds - expert opinion coupled with finding my way of running my business. Jaz is calm and collected, which made me feel at ease in the sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her support. I really feel like she has my back.

By making time and space for myself to connect with what I really wanted and needed, in my career and elsewhere, I was able to identify and dismantle a number of deeply-held blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from achieving my potential. 
Since then, I have been able to embrace the unknown in new ways and have seen myself uplevel and enjoy life in ways I'd never experienced before.
I have been -- and continue to be! -- blown away by the realities that I am creating, and credit my relationship and work with Jaz as being core to many of the shifts that I am experiencing

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