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Leveraging your Learning Budget
As we enter into a new development phase, companies are being encouraged to find a budget for Learning and development, especially now that significant competitors are setting yearly KPIs and benchmarks based on company improvement and growth.
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How to make self-promotion easy
Sometimes, it just can feel impossible to be your authentic self without bragging. Below I’ve listed ways you can shine and thrive in your career without feeling like an imposter.
Challenging conversations in the workplace
No one likes to be criticised, no matter how well the intention. But most people find it just as difficult to give quality feedback without overly focusing on the negative. That can backfire and create more tension in the workplace. A transparent feedback process ensures that those negative voices don’t drown out the constructive message. Here’s what to keep in…
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Why personality tests might not work for your team
Personality tests can support inclusion because it takes out the judgement that often comes up in a conversation. Everyone gets different responses that might sometimes be eye-opening.
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10 places to find your next tech role
Whether you are looking for a role in tech or a non-tech role, Indeed or the like isn’t always the most inspiring place to start when looking for that desired placement.
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An ode to empowered decisions: 4 important things to think about
It was the opposite of everything for me, it was uncharacteristic and something I vowed never to do again; instead, I made a renewed commitment to making empowered decisions and bias towards action.

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