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Introducing The Amplify Ambition Scale
When it comes to Embracing Ambition the Amplify Ambition Scale is a great way of articulating where you are and where you’d like to be. Whether you dedicate your life to supporting others ambitions or your ambition is something deeply personal and private it’s all good. It’s all ambition.
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Imposter Syndrome as an Entrepreneur
It’s urgent that you handle imposter syndrome so it isn’t allowed to be a reason your business fails. Especially as a solo founder and even more so as an entrepreneur with a team your leadership and way of being in your business will dictate what you do with your business.
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9 TED Talks That High-Achievers Should Watch
The high-achievers of society will always push for more and will seek a higher euphoric experience – be it with a hobby, lifestyle or career choice. It is important to them to obtain the best version of themselves and achieve the ultimate goal that has been set out for them; by them.
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2022 Community Shortlist
I’m a fan of community over networking; which is easier said than done when it comes naturally for you to connect with others. Here I’ve shared my 2022 shortlist of communities (many of which I’m still in) to inspire you to find your own spaces.
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How to keep good employees
Keeping good employees is similar to client retention. Like the people that spend the most money on your business, your best employees deserve extra attention and the occasional reward. Everyone wants to feel seen and valued, and acknowledging that will create a positive atmosphere in the workplace that keeps people motivated.
Leveraging your Learning Budget
As we enter into a new development phase, companies are being encouraged to find a budget for Learning and development, especially now that significant competitors are setting yearly KPIs and benchmarks based on company improvement and growth.

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