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Thanks Jaz. Super clear and spacious delivery of storytelling essentials. I help people with storytelling too, though am having to dare to share more of my own now that I’m re-framing my business – GREAT HELP!!
Jaz is an engaging and interactive speaker who captivates a room through storytelling and authenticity
Jaz really had the most comforting and supportive attitude throughout, I learned so much and felt like it was a really safe space to ask questions. Really grateful for this boost in my entrepreneur journey, feel like I have a better handle on things with the help from this seminar and already want to work further with Jaz, thank you!
I’ve come out of the workshop with a clear insight on how to plan strategically; prioritise tasks and maximise efficiency. The techniques I’ve learned with Jaz will help me immeasurably with the future-proofing of my business. Through learning techniques to dissect and consider problems and resolutions, I now feel confident that I can conduct self-analysis of business plans to refine which key areas should take priority. I now know how to implement software and social media platforms to strengthen my business structure, goals and vision. I’ve learned how to realistically plan for both short and long term goals. Jaz’s energy, enthusiasm and knowledge was engaging throughout, keeping the information exciting, succinct but also very personal. My fellow attendee’s, along with Jaz were an absolute delight to work with, and it felt like an exhilarating afternoon spent with friends! I will definitely keep an eye on upcoming events, thank you!
I thought your presentation was amazing. I was messaging my friend throughout taking about how much I relate and how much of an amazing speaker you are. You speak with so much passion and confidence and I genuinely find you very inspirational. Amazing!



Strengths, skills and talent are easily overlooked when experiencing our career as every task and project can easily blend into business-as-usual. This is the easiest way for us to feel disconnected from our work and miss opportunities to unlock the career growth and impact we crave within our roles. In this workshop we explore our definitions to raise awareness towards setting goals, feeling more fulfilment and approaching opportunities with more confidence.

- Take inventory of current skills, strengths & talents
- Define the differences between each
- Evaluate opportunities to apply long forgotten skills, strengths & talents to current role and career

- 20 participants
- Delivered virtually via Zoom or Google Meet
- Recording not permitted
- Offered as 1 or 2 hour session
- Digital companion workbook

£1200 1 hour | £2000 2 hours


We often want to jump to mastering our message and presenting the pitch confidently without much thought towards our intention and desired impact when we engage with others. This workshop takes us back to the foundations. We first explore how to cultivate confidence digging into what it means for us as individuals but how it can impact the group for the better. In the second half we will then explore all the ways we communicate and create a toolkit for doing this authentically through a personal brand.

- Challenging some of the long-held myths about confidence and common barriers to experiencing it
- Getting clarity on sources of confidence
- Experiencing 2 practical techniques for cultivating confidence
- Creating a personalised action-plan for communicating confidently

- 20 participants
- Delivered virtually via Zoom or Google Meet
- Recording not permitted
- Offered as 1 or 2 hour session
- Digital companion workbook {optional}
- Group coaching to close {optional}

£1200 1 hour | £2000 2 hours

overcoming imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome. What does it mean? And how does she (the imposter) even show up? Join us for a free interactive workshop where we will get the true definition of imposter syndrome so you can understand it. explore the different reasons that cause it so you can identify it more easily. Discover a selection of tools so you can get empowered to overcome it.

- Challenging some of the long-held myths about imposter syndrome
- Exploring the different causes so it can be identified pro-actively
- Understanding the 5 different types of imposter syndrome alongside the tools and permissions that combat each
- Creating a personalised action-plan for overcoming imposter syndrome in the moment

- 20 participants
- Delivered virtually via Zoom or Google Meet
- Recording not permitted
- Offered as 1 or 2 hour session
- Digital companion workbook {optional}
- Group coaching to close {optional}

£1200 1 hour | £2000 2 hours

unlocking your career

Career development and growth is something that looks different to each of us but it’s ultimately about making consistent progress, owning our ambitions and taking the steps to get our goals! In this workshop, I will share the most powerful questions you can ask to see your career growth in a new way so you can make an authentic plan that works. Once we have a plan, we’ll get honest about the things that can get in the way with practical ways to overcome them, so you can create your thriving career.

- Challenging some of myths around career progression and what it looks like
- Understanding the most common ways we can sabotage our careers at a personal level
- Understanding the clear and concise steps that can be taken consistently to avoid the sabotage
- Creating a personalised action-plan for personal development and career growth

- 50 participants
- Delivered virtually via Zoom or Google Meet
- Recording not permitted
- Offered as a 1.5 hour session
- Q&A to close
- Digital companion workbook {optional}
- This workshop is a light introduction to the curriculum delivered inside The Limitless Career Programme below.

£2,000 1.5 hours


Your team may need something longer, shorter, more or less structured and everything in between to support periods of change, transition, increased stress and team building. As a skilled facilitator and qualified coach, engineering workshops that are both insightful, integrated and impactful can be done through bespoke workshops. All I need to know are your goals and challenges to begin the co-creation!

here’s a few ideas to get you started…

  • Bespoke programme lasting 3-12 months?
  • Struggling to support team work-life-balance in light of remote or back-to-office work? A series of workshops on mental health, productivity and wellbeing alongside group coaching?
  • Team short for time? Perhaps a pre-recorded series of workshops that can be self-served will suit best?
  • Providing a schedule of training alongside private or group coaching?
  • Customised workshops to sit alongside onboarding programme?
  • Sequence of workshops alongside goal-setting periods e.g. New financial year/quarter?
  • Adding a combination of out-of-workshop support?
  • Annual series of DISC profiles followed by group AND private coaching for all teams

Quote provided following a consultation


Coaching is a space for the team to gather and reflect on their day to day experiences as well as larger themes like productivity, planning, decision making, relationships, confidence and more. It is based on the belief that each attendee has their own solutions and just need a space to explore those solutions in a safe and confidential space between colleagues who can also learn from their exploration.


  • 1 hour sessions
  • 20 participants
  • These sessions can be ad-hoc or scheduled with a regular cadence.
  • Perfect for a team as well as a cross functional group e.g. Team leads, graduates, returners, women and under-represented groups
  • Provision of DISC profiles for the group {optional}

Group Coaching £65pp. min. 10 people  | Private Coaching £200 per session


This 12 week coaching programme with a tried and tested framework for you to establish a career strategy that fits like Cinderella’s slipper. No more copy and paste, cookie cutter approaches, this will be something tailored to each attendee’s dream results. At the end of the programme attendees will have a clear playbook for predictable progress to getting the promotion, stepping into confident leadership, balancing home and work (even if they are in the same place!) and standing out for all the right reasons in their field.

the core curriculum

This program is designed to teach the nine steps needed in order to see serious growth in your career. Not only will participants learn the nine steps, they’ll be able to implement them right away and see an immediate difference in their approach to work.

  1. Solid foundations
  2. Confident communication
  3. Relentless Action


  • Self-paced curriculum so participants can move through the exercises at a time that suits.
  • Mentoring AND coaching to ensure the curriculum is easily integrated and challenges are faced head-on.
  • Private slack network to receive 1:1 support from me and to connect with the other participants and share your wins and challenges alike. {optional}

The results 

  • Enhanced self-awareness so participants have 20/20 vision and clarity on each step so you can spend your time in-action not indecision.
  • Greater alignment with skills, strengths and talents so participants can have less struggle and more ease, spending more time in their zone of genius and creating impact.
  • Confidence to build a brand, master their message and grab and create opportunities.

From £6,000 | Quote provided following a consultation as the programme is customised to each organisation

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