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Workshops & Facilitation


Workshops are an essential part of learning from and with others. Each workshop I host is designed to go over a core personal development topic, providing its participants with insightful tools, knowledge and motivation. My signature technique of coaching and facilitating ensures that each participant has actionable goals that can be put into practice long after the workshop has ended.


Why consider a workshop?



Impacts are achieved more easily with a greater sense of camaraderie. Effective collaboration is encouraged and shared ownership keeps team members engaged and dedicated to shared goals.

Fosters Connection

The topics are career but the sessions are human. You will feel a greater connection to your community or colleagues, receive and provide support, and develop better skills in pressure situations. Together.

Creative Thinking

By doing playful exercises, such as figuring out the best way to use a limited-time resource or presenting different ways of getting to a single goal, new connections are created and you trigger more ideas.


The positive effect on wellbeing from reducing stress through group interaction and personal reflection has been proven to have a positive impact on project outcomes and company performance.

Talent Retention

Never allow high-flyers to leave again because they are stagnant . Make your team more resilient and adaptable, less fearful of change and growth through consistent personal development opportunities.

Continued Learning

You'll walk away with a better understanding of self, and a clear idea of what you want to do afterwards. Understanding that personal development is a lifelong journey with this workshop as a component.

what they are saying

Jaz helped me get out of my own way, and like a L’oreal advert – realise I am worth it

This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

Jaz delivered a fantastic session for us. She was engaging, inspiring and led us through some open and honest conversations in a nurturing and expert way.

Holly Ivins

Working with Jaz was a dream. Her experience and expertise is made accessible, practical and inspiring, our community loved her and we loved working with someone who’s values seemed well aligned to our own.  Looking forward to finding more ways to work with Jaz in the future.

Sarah & Claire @ we are radikl

The event was so down to earth, full of empowering conversation, practical tips and glowing expertise

This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

Jaz has been an absolute delight to work with. She delivered an engaging and inspiring workshop for a group of 15 career-changers taking part in our ‘Launch a Career in Tech’ program. From our first call through to the delivery of her workshop she has been highly communicative, professional, and engaging. She quickly understood the brief and developed a tailored workshop for us. During the workshop she shared relatable insights about her personal journey into tech and introduced the group to a relevant goal-setting framework. Her coaching background was very apparent throughout; she asked thought-provoking questions, exhibited deep empathy, and left loads of space for group reflection and questions. Thank you Jaz!

Steph Lau, Program Manager @Foundervine

It was powerful to hear you talk. You made me look at myself sideways, think about making more empowered decisions, and reasserting my boundaries when I feel strongly about things. Thank you so much.

Up Front Global

Great session. Left the session with practical and valuable steps that I will take in pursuing my career change.

Roxy, Civil Servant

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the ‘Master your Message’ workshop after work last night. Huge thanks to Jaz Broughton and Heather Jeffries for giving me and other attendees 2 hours of not just powerful knowledge but also the chance to practise it in a safe, engaging environment. The session was super inspiring, in the end making me leave the room with newly risen confidence and excitement towards my upcoming public speaking adventures.

Anna Dolidze

Jaz was so BRILLIANT, fab and held my attention for the full two hours. The discussion was really well
handled, not rushed and validated. I have come away feeling empowered to create change

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I thought the facilitator Jaz was excellent – great pace and explained everything so well – lovely tone (not
patronizing) and very articulate

Participant @ Hustle Crew

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and thought Jaz did a great job at prompting interaction from the
participantsin a way that wasn’t forceful and was very natural. And also putting everyone at ease during
the entire session.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

Jaz is a great facilitator, inviting people to speak in a gentle manner, providing thoughtful answers to the
questions raised.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I found the sessions well run, well-paced, and Jaz was a fantastic facilitator for what must be a difficult
session to run.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I really enjoyed the story sharing and open and sharing environment that Jaz created.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

Jaz worked with the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre to create a Women Winning in Business event. She was the first speaker of a line up of inspirational and motivational speakers and Jaz delivered a wonderful presentation called The Entrepreneurial Mindset. This was exactly the start our event needed, she showcased great energy and enthusiasm. Working with Jaz has been a pleasure, she stays ahead of trends, communicates and showcases great integrity. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre, City of London Corporation

Absolutely incredible energy and attention to our audience. One of the best workshops we’ve ever hosted!

Isabel Sachs, Founder @ I Like Networking

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    how i do it...

    Empowering the next generation of high-achievers

    Transformation is the name of my game when taking the mic to share a powerful message. When I speak, my intention is to leave attendees with a new perspective and a practical next step they can take forward in their lives and careers.

    With more memories than I can count of holding a microphone from a very young age, inspiring folks with spoken word and insight has always great joy and honour. Sharing on a panel, stepping up to deliver a workshop or joining a podcast to be interviewed all have the same goal for me. Encouraging high-achievers to embrace their ambition and create sustainable success in their careers and communities.


    Fancy a sample?

    Throughout the year I’m booked to speak at public events and host my own both online and offline which makes it so easy for you to set some time aside to check me out whilst picking up some personal development at the same time!

    Core Topics

    Challenging Imposter Syndrome

    Imposter experience (formerly known as syndrome). What does it mean? And how do they (the imposter) even show up? Together, we will get the true definition of imposter syndrome so you can understand it. explore the different reasons that cause it so you can identify it more easily. Discover a selection of tools so you can get empowered to overcome it.

    What we'll cover


    Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
    Values Based Work

    Building Resilience

    Plot twists, pivots and people are part of a modern career. It isn’t always predictable and isn’t always easy. Whether in a customer-facing role, a high-stakes executive position or a fresh graduate resilience is necessary. In this workshop, we explore the overlooked skill of resilience and how it can be placed front and centre. Ensuring the experience doesn’t define them, take what you need and leave the rest, build resilience as a muscle and gain a fresh perspective.

    what we'll cover


    Authentic personal branding

    Let’s talk about personal branding, what it is and isn’t and where to get started. Taking an inside-out approach to being intentional with a personal brand is a powerful career shift; both inside an organisation, in the industry and online. Standing out for all the right reasons starts from within.

    what we'll cover


    Christian Buehner Ditylc26zvi Unsplash
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    Challenging Burnout

    Many companies are ambitious and attract employees who are the same, and as we work more flexibly, the lines between being “switched on” and “switched off” get blurrier. With many folks confessing they don’t know the difference, we find ourselves burning out in work AND life and then trying to make sense of it in hindsight. Not easy. In this workshop we’ll explore burnout; what it is, how it arises, how to challenge it and even more importantly, how to recover. Let’s replace this taboo with some tools so you can get on with your goals.



    Curious?Book a call today

    Let’s discuss your goals, co-create something special and send you a no-obligation proposal.​


    Your team may need something longer, shorter, more or less structured and everything in between to support your team. As a skilled facilitator and qualified coach, designing insightful, integrated and impactful programmes is my thing. All I need to know are your goals and challenges to begin the co-creation.


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why invest in interactive workshops?

    Group experiences are often powerful ways to learn, taking time away from business as usual to gain new insight, complete reflective exercises and discuss ways of work with coaching at the foundation is unique and impactful.

    How can I better understand your delivery style?

    Attend an upcoming public workshop listed here. For long term commitments we can also arrange a pilot with your key decision makers.

    How are workshops delivered?

    Workshops can be delivered online or in-person at my offices in Aldgate, London or yours. I am available to travel both nationally and internationally.

    You mention workshops being tailored, how so?

    Firstly they would be tailored to the career stage of your attendees, examples adapted with pre- and post-training support provided as needed. Interactive tools such as quizzes and polls can also be incorporated to aid learning. We can also adjust the title and outcomes to meet your needs.

    Will we be able to record the workshop?

    Only webinars and interactive talks are permitted to be recorded. Workshops are designed to be intimate and coaching-based so a recording will detract from the safe space created. If you’d prefer a self-paced workshop for your learning hub or intranet we can discuss this separately.

    What are the steps to book?
    1. Reach out by booking a call here or making an enquiry above.
    2. If you decide to move forward we’ll hop on a call to better understand your attendees and tailor the experience.
    3. I will send a no-obligation proposal detailing preparation, delivery and cost.
    4. If you accept this proposal, I will send an onboarding form and provide an agreement and invoice
    5. We begin!
    What is the maximum capacity for workshops?

    Workshops online and offline are capped at 20. For numbers greater than this multiple sessions will be required. Alternatively the workshop can be adapted to a webinar where numbers are uncapped and interactive exercises are replaced with a Q&A segment.

    How does payment work?

    50% will be required in order to confirm the booking with the balance due upon delivery. For this reason you are encouraged to book several months in advance to ensure any financial administration can be completed in a timely manner.

    We have a particular theme and/or company values we'd like to anchor your session to, is that possible?

    Yes, this is something we can discuss on a call, core content, activities, the session title, duration and more can be adapted to suit your overall programming and team.

    Workshops - Just Jaz

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