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About Jaz

Workshops & Group Coaching

There’s nothing like creating a space to learn from and with each other. In each workshop I introduce tools, insights and inspiration on a core personal development topic. My unique blend of facilitation and coaching means that accountability and next-steps are always built in so the impact can be felt long after the session itself ends.

Core Topics

Resilience at work

Plot twists, pivots and people are part of a modern career. It isn’t always predictable and isn’t always easy. Whether in a customer-facing role, a high stakes executive position or a fresh graduate resilience is necessary. In this workshop we explore the overlooked skill of resilience and how it can be placed front and centre.


£800 1 hour | £1200 2 hours

Improve Your Talent
Values Based Work

Values based work

Values are everywhere, company values, team values, organisational value but what about your own? In this workshop we uncover our values and how that can inspire and inform our work. Each of our careers are created as a series of decisions and values can be a powerful compass if we know-how. With insight and interactive exercises we will leave with clarity on our personal values and a game plan for leveraging them to improve our work and impact.


£800 1 hour | £1200 2 hours

Creating Your Career Plan

Career development and growth is something that looks different to each of us but it’s ultimately about making consistent progress, owning our ambitions and taking the steps to get our goals! In this workshop, I will share the most powerful questions you can ask to see your career growth in a new way so you can make an authentic plan that works. Once we have a plan, we’ll get honest about the things that can get in the way with practical ways to overcome them, so you can create your thriving career.


£800 2 hours

Unlock Your Career
Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Overcoming imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome. What does it mean? And how do they (the imposter) even show up? Join us for a free interactive workshop where we will get the true definition of imposter syndrome so you can understand it. explore the different reasons that cause it so you can identify it more easily. Discover a selection of tools so you can get empowered to overcome it.


£800 1 hour | £1200 2 hours


An Open Letter to Ambitious Companies

Bespoke Workshops And Programmes

Bespoke Programmes

Your team may need something longer, shorter, more or less structured and everything in between to support periods of change, transition, increased stress and team building. As a skilled facilitator and qualified coach, engineering workshops that are both insightful, integrated and impactful can be done through bespoke workshops. All I need to know are your goals and challenges to begin the co-creation!


Quote provided following a consultation

Group coaching

Coaching is a space for the team to gather and reflect on their day to day experiences as well as larger themes like productivity, planning, decision making, relationships, confidence and more. It is based on the belief that each attendee has their own solutions and just need a space to explore those solutions in a safe and confidential space between colleagues who can also learn from their exploration.


Group Coaching £45pp. min. 5 people

Private Coaching £200 per session

Group & Private Coaching
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