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About Jaz

Limitless VIP Day

career strategy for time-poor and ambition-rich professionals in 6 hours or less

You’ve read the books, inhaled the podcasts and have all the authors as the fairy God-folks in your mind. You know what you should be doing but it never seems to fit, the tactics and tricks don’t entice you because you’re in it for the long-term and plan to be yourself the whole way.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

A day to give you strategy, ease and impact in your career

You’ve had enough of the copy and paste and if you don’t do something about it all now you’re going to miss another opportunity. 

You can feel it’s not serving you to keep ignoring the big decisions and making the big changes. So until you do it feels overwhelming and it feels like you can’t tell your left from right.

You’re ambitious and driven but you know that means nothing with a direction to actually drive in. You know how to hold yourself accountable and aren’t afraid to build new habits, but what should those habits actually be?

Another year can’t go by with this limbo and you can’t have another review with your manager not knowing how to answer the “where do you see yourself?” question.

Does this sound familiar?

You’ve read the books, inhaled the podcasts and have all the authors as the fairy God-folks in your mind. 

You know what you should be doing but it never seems to fit, the tactics and tricks don’t entice you because you’re in it for the long-term and plan to be yourself the whole way.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Do these goals sound familiar?

Introducing The Limitless Vip Day

Here’s what I want you to know...

  • You don’t have to stay frozen by fear. Fear of getting it wrong, failing or it not working out is not a good enough reason to stay frozen. The safety and guarantee you want can only be found with action; so get to it!
  • You have to believe there is an authentic career strategy out there that will be so crystal clear and natural you’ll wonder why you hadn’t found it before.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice your authenticity, personality, identity or wellbeing for your ambitions. In fact, they can be the fuel for your ambition instead.

Isn’t it about time?

Isn’t it about time your 9-5 matched your true desires? What would it even mean to have that sort of career where you can own all you are and get paid to be authentically you all-day everyday?

  • You deserve to feel like you are on the pathways to greater impact
  • You deserve to be authentically you and be recognised for it
  • You deserve a crystal clear strategy that fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper (but more comfortable)
  • You deserve to carve a limitless and fulfilling career

Good news is…

  • You can stop aimlessly inhaling inspiration and take meaningful action.
  • You can understand and embrace what it means to be authentically you in order to create a greater impact with your work.
  • Your vision board can look different next year to reflect the new dreams and celebrate the past dreams you made a reality.
  • You can leave behind the confusion and finally make the decisions that matter sooner rather than later.
Introducing The Career Clubhouse

Hey, I’m Jaz

Career Coach and lifelong ambitious woman.

I realised the clarity and decision making was ⅔ of the battle and left plenty of room to just communicate, to make the chess move and to take the first step forward.

Over time this became my own authentic and effective career strategy. A strategy that has got me the promotions, grown my business, established my personal brand and unlocked opportunities I couldn’t even dream of. 

I want this for you, but I don’t want it to take the years it took me.

Introducing The Limitless VIP Day

A full day of clarity on your impactful career strategy without the burnout and without delay. A luxury experience remote or in-person that will leave you with decisions, actions, behaviours and habits that will be the path to your career goals. Insight, communication and action self-awareness, confident communication and relentless action to your specific career goal; giving you a tailored career strategy in less than a day.

Only 2 spots available each month

One day, four phases



Let’s hit the ground running with coaching to ensure clarity on the goal, identify values and beliefs so the strategy is far from copy and paste and fits better than a birkenstock. Painting the picture ahead of the plan so uncertainties can become certain.


Time to make clear decisions, identify the priorities and file the rest away neatly for another day. The pivot, processes and habits you need to build in order to reach your goals.


We’ll focus on how you confidently communicate this authentic you; Folding in personal branding and your bold message going forward. Fine-tuning CV, linkedin, professional communication and more.


Creation of both the strategy and a 90 day plan that will equip you to move forward. Real-talk planning including the dream and any downfall that could be on the horizon; cultivating a growth mindset and facing pain points head-on equipped with coaching tools and techniques to move forward confidently regardless of what may come.

This will include


A comprehensive playbook of what you have decided to be, do and have on the journey to your goal.


Time stamped recordings of the day for you to remind yourself of the mission in your own words and commemorate key reflections and breakthroughs.


To continue to apply your learnings through coaching, journaling and insight.

Swipe files

A comprehensive playbook of what you have decided to be, do and have on the journey to your goal.

How does it work?

Before your VIP day

We have a call to get under the carpet of your career, I get a clear picture of your needs and fill any gaps from your application form to design our day.

During your VIP day

After a restful sleep we get to work, beginning with an in-depth coaching session for clarity we then turn all the reflections into actions. Real-talk, no fluff. Goals with a plan, plans with preparation for the challenges alongside tools to get you through the friction.

After your day

Once the day is complete you will retire to a luxury hotel to decompress while I prepare your VIP playbook. A summary of the day, strategy for your career and toolkit for regular review and action.

The Details

The investment is £1,000 for the first 3 people then £1,250 after.

Are you in? If so, complete the application form below, I only have 2 spots available each month.

Good fit if...

Not-so good fit if...

The Limitless Vip Day

Apply Now

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Ready to lift the limits off your career?

A few questions, a few minutes and a tip you can implement straight away.


At least 1 week before our VIP day I will need access to your CV, covering letter, LinkedIn profile alongside a few reflective exercises. These will be sent as soon as you book and should take no more than 2 hours to complete.

We offer a 2-payments plan, with the first payment due upon booking and signing the contract and the 2nd due a week before the VIP day.
Yep. Only if provided you have a clear goal, with this day you benefit from my years of experience working with long-term 1:1 clients but also shorter impactful experiences where a result needs to be found within as little as 2 hours through a workshop. Pairing this with insight into you; your strengths, talents, skills, desires and dreams we can create a roadmap to your goal in the time set. Remember, the strategy will then me over to you to take action on and that’s when the real magic happens!
Yes, this can be found in the Career Clubhouse programme which includes weekly check-ins, resources and access to limited 1:1 time with me and the other resident coaches. You can also check out my 3 month coaching programme here.
In-person will be a Central London or East London meeting room. Remote will be via Zoom. In both instances the day will be recorded to ensure everything is captured for you to refer back to.

what they are saying

My sessions with Jaz have been incredible. She has allowed me space and time to explore my business – asking me powerful questions which really make me consider my mindset and future business plans. Her intuitive nature means she understands what your going through and often allows me to see what I have been blind to- often thing which have been holding me back from playing bigger. Jaz‘s unique hybrid of business mentoring and coaching means that I have had the best of both worlds – expert opinion coupled with finding my way of running my business. Jaz is calm and collected, which made me feel at ease in the sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her support. I really feel like she has my back.

I feel better about the transition to fulltime job + side hustle, the experience was amazing

Sophie Hebdidge
Founder, Techniclarity


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