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The Vault Community

For ambitious careers without burnout or boredom

The Vault is a community for folks ready to reach for more in their career whilst being supported through the challenges it’ll bring. A space to create something where playing small isn’t an option and playing big doesn’t lead to destruction.

You're ambitious. You don't need help setting goals, you need help getting there in one-piece.

Pick your poison


Less than 24 hours after they raised a glass to your promotion your stuck in bed with zero oomph or energy. The caffeine isn’t helping and your questioning life every Sunday like clockwork. Perpetually drained, stress and exhausted has been your “secret” but that’s not exactly the stuff of acceptance speeches is it? Worse thing, you feel like you should know-better than to be here again but… hindsight shoulda-woulda-coulda doesn’t help. Time for a remix.


It’s now reached the point you're not even being stealthy with your requests for more work. Becoming the MVP simply because you seem to have endless capacity for other teams and tasks was never part of the plan but you can’t help it. It’s the only thing between you and serving your notice. Worse thing? it’s nothing to do with wasting time (it’s way worse!), it’s about wasting your skills, strengths and talent. They are wasting YOU. Please why?!?? Time for a remix.

What would it mean to overcome your biggest career challenge, even if the challenge is you?

  • You deserve a space to find support, inspiration and guidance to keep your ‘wins’ streaming in and your wellbeing in-tact.
  • You deserve to be overpaid and underworked as the most innovative and impactful person on the team with everyone asking “what’s your secret?”
  • You deserve to let your inner dreamer and desires out to play so you can make bold steps that make the vision-board a reality!
  • You deserve to reclaim your calendar, set boundaries and stop doing all-the-things for others so the things you can be fully present for the things you whole-heartedly hell-yes choose to do!

Here's how it works.

Take what you need and plug in when and how works for you.


Time to get under the hood of any challenge or curiosity popping up in your career. Join group sessions monthly or submit your career question anonymously anytime.


Through our community, online and offline events, you can connect around the day-to-day rollercoaster of ambitious careers. A space to truly understand you don't have to do this alone.


Delivered via the private podcast and community forum. Fresh career perspectives and mini-workshops unpacking the taboo topics to equip you around some of the biggest blockers to an ambitious career.

Check out the courses

Space to up-skill towards a specific goal. Whether your ready for a career change, banish burnout and boredom or start a business we've got you covered.


It is time to say goodbye to burnout for good. You know why, let me show you how. Whether you’re on the slippery slope of overwhelm or the other side of recovery; this is for you.


Create the kind of career that constantly grows and thrives. With career change, you can become unstoppable, whether you are looking for something new or something that is more ‘you’.

For Creators

Businesses aren’t born, they are created. You’re a creator. Whether you have a product, service or movement, it’s time to take the 1st step or 50th step to success in your side hustle.

3 things you can do today

Stop sitting in your mess and clean it up

Decide it’s no longer acceptable to have a career you don’t recognise, decide it’s no longer acceptable to be miserable in a career you “should” be happy in, decide your ok with that kind of existence not being enough.

Embrace your ambition

Use it as a driver to break up with burnout and boredom. Using all that pent-up-desire to set boundaries, and break bad habits to leave more room for what helps instead of harms you and your career.

Prioritise what you want above all else

Even if just for 1 hour a week. It’s not going to happen by chance, you have to be intentional to build the muscle of choosing you over and over again.

I was over it. So I created this for you.

Hi, I’m Jaz Marfo, Founder of The Vault and lifelong ambitious woman. I was told very early I could be whatever I wanted to be so when I entered the world of work aged 16 that’s what I carried with me. I then began to face bias, gender pay gaps, bullying, overworking and more.

It began to erode my sense of worth, invited imposter syndrome and was almost about to make me throw my dreams away entirely. I hit rock bottom in a job that I loved with burnout and self-sabotage and I didn’t know what else to do. It didn’t make sense, I was mean’t to be happy!

So I said “no more!”.

I realised I wasn’t alone in my ambition and drive, and I wasn’t the only person struggling with boundaries, high-functioning anxiety and the big desire to make progress in my career.

Through coaching began to build my unique strategy for success, established boundaries and declared my worth with every step of my squiggly career.

I proved to myself and others it was possible to say “no” to anything that gets in your path (even if it’s yourself) and carve a high-achieving career on your terms. I’ve personally seen promotion, pay-rise, business growth, new opportunities and more since the “no more”-moment and want the same and more for you.

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Join us Today


£ 55 Per Month
  • Monthly Coaching
  • Monthly Office Hours
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Private Podcast
  • Career Resources
  • Ambitious Community
  • Special events (IRL and online)
  • 3 Signature Courses


£ 660 Per Year
  • Monthly Coaching
  • Monthly Office Hours
  • Quarterly Planning Session
  • Private Podcast
  • Career Resources
  • Ambitious Community
  • Special events (IRL and online)
  • 3 Signature Courses

Our community is built on the core value of connection.

We believe that connection is the key to achieving your goals—and we’re here to help you connect with both yourself and others who share your same values and ambitions.

Whether you are an intrapreneur, entrepreneur, seasoned professional, graduate, student or side-hustler we know how important it is to get connected with other people who are on a similar path or pace. 

Frequently Asked Questions

A private podcast where the only folks with access are fellow Vault members. You can’t search for it, it’s invite-only and shared through a unique link per listener. The episodes are new career perspectives or more practical workshops. Always with something for you to take away and specifically from an ambitious career to an ambitious career.

Yes, you can contact me for memberships which can be invoiced directly for your team.

Yes, just drop me an email to set it up.

We know sometimes it’s hard to take (or schedule) the first step, so we’ve made it as easy as possible by offering multiple touch points throughout the month so that no matter how busy your schedule gets, there’s always an opportunity for connection within our community. If all else fails, the private podcast will have you covered on the go with bitesized thoughts and training to support your career.

So many different things, a combination of reflective thoughts and trainings introducing tools and techniques; here are a few examples:

  • Setting the standard for your 2023 career
  • Being ok not being ok
  • Remixing limiting beliefs
  • You are allowed to be talented
  • Why I’m no longer talking about imposter syndrome
  • Don’t be the best kept secretI didn’t get a promotion, I survived
    Ambitious Career Strategy {Training}
    New Job Now {Training}

Wednesdays at 1pm (UK)/ 8am (EST)

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