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The Vault is a safe space for high-achievers who are ready to embrace ambition and build the careers they truly desire. Filled with like-minded ambitious people and supported by high-achieving career coach. Through coaching, community and resources ambition is truly welcomed, celebrated and declared without shame. This includes:

Here's what it's all about...

We keep things simple, your busy, your on the move and this community is just there to support.


Having hot-seat coaching with Jaz each month on a first-come first-served basis. You don’t need to be told what to do; you’ve already got your goals. This is a time to understand the challenges and curiosities along the way.


Spend time with like-minded high-achievers. Whether it is for delight, understanding or accountability find curated connections that can be with you for the journey. No shame, no apologies, just pure ambition over coffee (or tea)


Plug in your ipods to inhale audio-trainings and thoughts on all the topics that are top of mind for you. Pursuing peace, changing career, building confidence and much more. Consistent resource from a high-achiever for high-achievers.

Introducing... The Amplify Scale

Whisper. Your ambition is the best kept secret in the World, you often find yourself downplaying your goals when asked and feel safer doing that; for now. Your slowly but surely working out which desires in life are truly yours and which are borrowed from others.

Speak. Folks know your ambitious simply by how you move through life. You seem to find a way to get to the destinations and things you want without much fuss. In some ways the poster-child for growth mindset and moving forward.

Shout. Everyone knows your ambitious; they know if your building was on fire you’d grab your loved-humans and your laptop and you have no shame in that. You love nothing more than to bounce off others who are ambitious and always have a next step in mind. 

Scream. You don’t remember not-being ambitious. You demonstrate through your life and career that only good-things happen when you are ambitious. So much so; you can’t help but to foster it in others; mentoring, podcasting, speaking, teaching, coaching or simply giving those priceless pep-talks over dinner. The ambition is palpable.

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Apply Now


This is less “audition” and more “coffee chat” in nature so don’t sweat it too much. We will review all applications weekly and respond to all. 

What will we cover?

The podcast and community are private but that’s no reason why the topics should be, together we’ll explore: 

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How it works

We tried to keep it as simple as possible so you only have 3 things to think of.

Private Podcast

Thoughts and teachings alongside recordings of our monthly group connection calls. Covering topics that are top of the high-achievers mind I will share career conversations and parts of my personal journey to support yours.

Monthly Group Calls

A time for us to truly gather on the 2nd Monday of each month at 12pm and 6.30pm UK time respectively on Google Meet. Be coached, connect with breakout pairings and celebrate together.

Monthly Check-in

1st of the month, in your inbox a simple form to ensure you take the time to reflect on the month-past before jumping onto the next, building the habit reflecting on your own wisdom and growth.

Curated Coffee Chats

Powered by AI and set according to how much or little time you want to dedicate, spend 30 minutes with a like-minded person to share and be supported in your ambitions. Whether for delight or accountability we’ve got you!

Want to apply later?

No Problem, drop your email below and I’ll send it to you.


    Yes, you can contact me for memberships in multiples of 5 which can be invoiced directly for your team.

    Yes, just drop me an email to set it up.

    Nope. All trainings and connect call recordings are shared on the private podcast.

    12pm and 6.30pm (UK time) on the 2nd Monday of each month. With recordings published on the private podcast.

    If you have not heard from us after 2 weeks please email for an update because sometimes tech-doesn’t-tech the way it should.

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