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The ‘who’ and ‘how’ of your work

Laptop and coffee

I went away for a long weekend last month and left my laptop home. I didn’t believe I could do it! But it was the best thing ever. It was amazing, refreshing and peaceful. I brought my latest hobby (adult colouring books) and a blank journal that was gifted to me by a coach I’d worked with. I wrote my heart’s desires by the light of the moon and challenged myself. Swimming in ideas is my default state but this was different, with this new found tech-free space I had clarity on who I needed to show up for and how (show up = coachy-speak for serve/work with/enable).

  • It was for the millions of people who are experiencing redundancy, uncertainty and more in their careers… people who want a new job now.
  • It was also for people who needed a boost, a fresh sense of clarity and direction in finding their work.
  • It was also through people who are ready to hear from experts and learn The One Thing they should know to grow their career or business for the upcoming year.
  • It was also for people who are ready for deep and meaningful transformation in their lives through coaching.

The who has always been clear to me but it’s the how that is taking shape over the coming weeks.

I want to encourage you with your own “who and how” exercise.

We have our careers to make a living, gain fulfilment and a sense of purpose, take some time to think about who that is for and what it truly means? Do you want a thriving career to be an example for your children? To expand your lifestyle and travel the World (when we can)?,to take care of your parents?, to build generational wealth? The list goes on.

  1. Write down your who (your nearest and dearest motivations)
  2. Then… ask yourself how. How are you showing up for them?
  3. Then… how do you want to show up for them?
  4. Then… what’s the first step you can take towards that?

This week I saw a beautiful video by Bloom & Wild (one of my faves!) which brought this moment home; you don’t need to do what is in the ad, but take a moment to appreciate your “who’s”.

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The ‘who’ and ‘how’ of your work - Just Jaz
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