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The Mission & Moonshot

It’s important for you to know that being intentional is part of the core fabric of Just Jaz, in what I do and don’t do and ultimately how I serve each and every one of you. Part of this means setting a mission, a moonshot goal for the impact and legacy I wish to leave through this business.

This mission is a challenge, to show up and deliver more than I ever have before, to give you long-term enablement. Many of you have heard me say “I’m not here for inspiration, you can find that easily on google/social media/Netflix” and this is a time for me to remind you I’m with you for the long-haul and believe in deeper impact for your career and life.

You see, when you honour me with your time, energy and resource I must show up as a coach first and foremost to provide enablement, space for transformation and candour. So, going forward I will be even more intentional in doing just that.

It’s time to truly put you in the driving seat of your career regardless of what it looks like or how you might feel about it right now. This looks like:

  • A focus in enablement around building limitless careers of any shape or form
  • Life Coaching in 3-month packages to provide a space to gain focus and clarity on your next steps in life and career.
  • Career Clubhouse for ambitious professionals to build limitless careers through coaching, co-working and connection.
  • I will continue to deliver interactive workshops & talks to communities and companies with 2022 bookings now open.

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The Mission & Moonshot - Just Jaz
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