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Resources to pursue the same ambition but with a new approach that includes the how-to, why and what of your next career step. 

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high-performing and at-peace with every squiggle.

I know this well! This coaching practice was borne of redundancy from the job I thought I’d keep forever. I thought I was “home”, after traveling through retail, hospitality and real estate to find myself in a tech company that embraced my (then) teal-blue afro, overflow of ideas and super-connector status. I had to follow the breadcrumbs to this place from my personal experience as a high-achiever with high-functioning anxiety, burnout and depression to where I am today...

your career won't be a straight line - that's a good thing.

i hate to break it to you but...

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Maybe the rug was pulled or a change has been calling you for a while. No matter the reason, the bottom line is you need to find something NOW. A comprehensive course taking you through CV and covering letter changes, alongside personal branding, networking and confident communication to find the best opportunity for you now; not later. I will give you everything you need to search for that new job now.

New Job Now

Your biggest career goal in 90 days or less. A space where playing small isn't an option and playing big doesn't lead to destruction. We don't play small around here, so be sure to bring the most bold and ambitious desire you have for your career. Together, we'll create a tangible and practical pathway to your goal with the most peaceful performance you've ever known. 
You're ambitious. You don't need help setting goals, you need help getting there in one-piece with peace.

90 Day Next


£295 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF £49

£295 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF £49

The how-to of personal branding and confident communication. This course will give you a polished personal brand, a dynamic LinkedIn presence (no matter how you feel about Linkedin right-now), sharpened communication skills, and a solid networking strategy to propel your professional journey forward. Join us to unlock your potential and open doors to new possibilities!

Master Your Message

Side hustles are possible; and not just for other people, for you! Join the self-led programme dedicated to taking your side hustle to the next level. This is for you whether you are dreaming, planning, launching or growing a side-hustle. It can be a product, service or both, you can be in the comfort of your home, you can take what you need to get what you want and check this off the "2024 list" once and for all!​

Side Hustle Saturday School


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£295 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF £49

£295 OR 6 PAYMENTS OF £49

Here are just some of the aspects of the experience - there's more, but if I noted it all down, you'd be scrolling for days!


Pay in full or split into 3 or 6 monthly payments. Whatever makes sense for you - no questions asked.

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Through submissions, reviews and the comment section you can be supported to implement.

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Upgrade your package by adding a private coaching call scheduled anytime during your 6 months' access.

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Everyone learns differently, that's why each resource is a blend of written, audio and visual content.


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Proven tools that have helped both myself and my clients turn what was meant to throw you into your next triumph. 

Keep putting it off? No worries - this training will walk you through a full CV-update in less than an hour.

Everything you need to consider for a successful career change.

A 21 day audio-challenge to support your goal-getting in the good times and bad.

Inside The Library, you'll find a selection of trainings and freebies to support the smaller tasks that support your bigger career goal. Check them out below:

Don't need a lot? I've got you covered.

goal getting challenge (free)

career change checklist (free)

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cv checklist (£55)

the redundancy guide (freE)

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I had business cards aged 15. And was never lost for an answer to the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” – question. There was always a goal, and there was always growth.

As a neurodiverse black woman, I’ve been in so many spaces that weren’t built for me. My coaching spaces are not that, my work is centred on identity and I create space for YOU to define that, introduce and re-introduce yourself and do so with pride.

I have my own 2 sided-career and share from it candidly, every tool has been proven in my clients and my own careers which means I’m always creating something from the inspiration of both my 9-5 and my 5-9.

Always. Yes, I can teach and mentor but coaching is my default. As a coach, I pride myself on being a mirror to reflect on myself and a catalyst to accelerate my growth and progress. I focus on giving you the competencies and giving you coaching and tools that last beyond our work together.


inclusion is at the core

i'm multi-passionate

i'm a coach first

A few reasons why I'm the expert to work with.

I believe you can avoid the Sunday-night dread; and dream big instead. 

Through private coaching, community and workshops I’ve been able to spread a message of power, agency, and fulfillment with my values at the core. As the daughter of 2 multi-hyphenate parents I knew my career would be anything but traditional, when you send your first invoice at 14 you get a sense of creativity and innovation that doesn’t sit well in a box.

Fast forward to present-day I’m on a mission to re-introduce folks to their ambition, with a new approach that creates a career that powers and empowers our lives and not the opposite. My signature straight-talking style is non-negotiable, with each session I aim to leave you both inspired and equipped to get back in the driving seat of your career. 

I'm here when you're ready. I'm not running away.



Career uncertainty with squiggles, steps and segues are a reality. Jobs for life are a myth. A fixed mindset can get you in trouble and growth is the only way through. You keep expecting your employer to keep-up but the expectation is mis-placed, you keep expecting your clients to get it but they draw a blank. You search and search for new knowledge and challenge and up-skill voraciously and it doesn’t make a difference. Because it’s been within you all along.

A changemaker who is inherently radical simply because you wake up each day reaching for something more. Simultaneously building your reputation as the MVP in your industry simply for putting your beliefs and values at the forefront.



Standing on business with non-negotiables in how you operate your career which is raising the standard for everyone around you. Stepping up as the true leader of your career - not the economy, the market or anyone else.


Laser focused on doing less that's leading to more boxes-checked than you thought possible while re-connecting to the version of you that pursues success sustainable; without sacrificing health, wellbeing, relationships and wealth.


Equipped with timeless tools that you can grab in the moment and before the moment of need. Fully coached-up and clear on what YOU think and YOU want. No more endless personal development books - you'll be practically writing your own.


This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

jaz helped me get out of my own way, and like a l'oreal advert - realise i am worth it.

Jaz is insightful and shares knowledge from her own personal experience that helps you to feel supported, encouraged and re-empowered. Thank you.

You can get results like this.

Jaz is insightful and shares knowledge from her own personal experience that helps you to feel supported, encouraged and re-empowered. Thank you.

It was a great experience. It was a moment to step back, clear my ideas and set up priorities. It helped me move to action. The magic happened even though I came to my coaching sessions with no expectations. Your powerful questions were really useful.

My sessions with Jaz have been incredible. She has allowed me space and time to explore my business - asking me powerful questions which really make me consider my mindset and future business plans. Her intuitive nature means she understands what your going through and often allows me to see what I have been blind to- often thing which have been holding me back from playing bigger. Jaz‘s unique hybrid of business mentoring and coaching means that I have had the best of both worlds - expert opinion coupled with finding my way of running my business. Jaz is calm and collected, which made me feel at ease in the sessions. I can’t thank her enough for her support. I really feel like she has my back.

By making time and space for myself to connect with what I really wanted and needed, in my career and elsewhere, I was able to identify and dismantle a number of deeply-held blocks and limiting beliefs that had been holding me back from achieving my potential. 
Since then, I have been able to embrace the unknown in new ways and have seen myself up-level and enjoy life in ways I'd never experienced before.
I have been -- and continue to be! -- blown away by the realities that I am creating, and credit my relationship and work with Jaz as being core to many of the shifts that I am experiencing