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Coaching Party

empowerment & enablement for your ambitious career

It’s time to find your way of being that leads to the doing in your career. At the end of the group coaching programme you will have a clear career path for predictable progress to:

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The only self-led and coaching-centred programme for you to move everything out of your way (including you), embrace your ambition and create predictable progress in your limitless career.I’ve spent the last 4 years working with people just like you, heck I WAS you!

In person event

Isn’t it about time!?!

The Masterclasses

Empowered Decisions


Power Career Connections


Master Your Message


what they are saying

I love this membership, there is so much content and so much to look forward to. It’s a place you can get support and action with your career and personal growth. I can’t rate it highly enough.


Jaz has created an inspirational, supportive space for us ambitious people to grow. Her signature brand of honesty and care runs through all the sessions, whether it is her coaching or her network of inspiring guest speakers. My experience in this community has covered all bases when it comes to supporting my career growth, and I love that there is always something new to look forward to. You never know what the sessions will uncover.


The career Clubhouse is soo much more than I expected. The ability to connect with people in different stages of their careers and business is invaluable. The holistic approach of the Career clubhouse is unique, tackling mindset, wellbeing, money, belief, coaching and other practical business tool singularly and in combination is huge bonus. I am so grateful for what I have received so far, 2 months in. 


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Why Masterclasses?

I was told very early I could be whatever I wanted to be so when I entered the world of work aged 16 that’s what I carried with me. I then began to face the sometimes cruel reality that tried to tell me otherwise.

It began to erode my sense of worth, invited imposter syndrome and was almost about to make me throw my dreams away entirely. I hit rock-bottom in a job that I loved with burnout and self-sabotage, I didn’t know what else to do.

Then I said “no more!”.

I realised I wasn’t alone in my ambition and drive and I wasn’t the only person struggling with boundaries, high-functioning anxiety and a sprinkle of bias whilst striving to make progress in my career.

I began to make my own playbook for success, I established boundaries and declared my worth with every step of my squiggly career.

I proved to myself and others it was possible to say “no” to anything that gets in your path (even if it’s yourself) and carve a limitless career on your own terms. I’ve personally seen promotion, pay-rise, business growth, new opportunities and greater impact in my career. 

The proven methods I use are poured into this programme so you can know that it is possible and you-too can say “no more!” and chart a path to a limitless career.

Ambitious People


Most Career Programmes focus on strategy, how-to’s and a super specific goal. Career Playbook is focused on mindset and perspective change that underpins any of those specific goals. It creates a way-of-being that stays with you beyond your immediate goal of a new job, promotion, more confidence, beating burnout etc.

No. When you purchase the Career Playbook Programme, you get access for 6 months. Enough time to see results, get off track and get back on track again. The objective is to create a playbook that will still impact your career when you no longer have access to the materials.
Yep. Your business is still a part of your career, you’re not exempt from wanting progress, possessing skills and wanting to be more productive. Your business success will rely on your way of being as a leader so isn’t it important to be intentional about that?

The final Wednesday of each month at 6.30pm (UK).

Yep. Provided you complete the programme, no-skipping the exercises or implementation points. You will only learn what you are capable of by going out and doing it so be ready for change when you begin!
I completely understand! That’s why this is self-led. 6 days, 6 weeks or the full 6 months take as much or little time as you want to work through the curriculum. Access the material online on your desktop, mobile or even private podcast.

Yes. Group coaching takes place the last Wednesday of each month.

Only within your initial 14 day period as noted in the terms and conditions. This is subject to your not-accessing the programme or it’s content.

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