A membership Community For Ambitious Women Ready to play big and create unlimited careers

Your career shouldn’t be something passive, it should be something you are proactively driving to your own desired success. You deserve the type of career people look at and wonder… “How the hell did she do it?”

It’s easier said than done.

You’ve been trying, exhausted by inhaling all the books and podcast but not getting the results you deeply desire.

Stop. Pause . Breathe.

This is for you

You’re an ambitious woman by your own definition and are ready to just “be” because you know true contentment lies in being more of yourself.

You’re ready to play big and put consistent action towards your goals in 2021 because small doesn’t suit you.

You’re ready to commit resource, energy and focus to your goals because it’s too hard any other way.

You’re ready to experience transformation through coaching because you’ve heard it actually works.

You’re energised by a group and inspired by learning with and from other’s challenges and triumphs.

You’re ready to become more self-aware, communication confidently and get sh*t done to see results within your first 30 days.

“Everything is intentional around here. The community is designed to enrich you as an individual and empower you within the group.” – Jaz


Women founded companies outperform companies founded by men by 63%. 32.37% of businesses in the UK were launched by female entrepreneurs and side hustles are on the rise. More of this please!


The percentage of the criteria many women want to have before applying for a role. Layer that with imposter syndrome, lack of awareness of skills, impact and contribution and many opportunities go untouched by too many women.


Men are 20% more likely to get a raise than women. Research show the same percentage of women never negotiate at all. Negotiation is a skill, and a moment we abandon our ambition on the shelf. No more.

why join?

Consistent opportunities for us to connect and grow, through coaching, co-working and personal development we will take things one step at a time. All times noted are in GMT.

powerful coaching weekly

Based on my belief you have all the answers you need. A challenging conversation to find your own unique solutions to your biggest challenges and achieve momentum in career, life and money.

Connect with fellow ambitious women

You can be your most ambitious self and be celebrated for it. Nobody will think it bizarre how focused and committed you are to personal development. Save your energy, we get it and we get you.

Tools & Resources

I’ve put it all in here! All tools I use with 1:1 clients. It’s all there for you grab at your point of need, everything from planning, to mindfulness, confidence building and boundaries.

What Our members Are Saying


I love this membership, there is so much content and so much to look forward to. It’s a place you can get support and action with your career and personal growth. I can’t rate it highly enough.


Jaz has created an inspirational, supportive space for us ambitious women to grow. Her signature brand of honesty and care runs through all the sessions, whether it is her coaching or her network of inspiring guest speakers.
My experience in this community has covered all bases when it comes to supporting my career growth, and I love that there is always something new to look forward to. You never know what the sessions will uncover.


The career Clubhouse is soo much more than I expected. The ability to connect with women in different stages of their careers and business is invaluable. The holistic approach of the Career clubhouse is unique, tackling mindset, wellbeing, money, belief, coaching and other practical business tool singularly and in combination is huge bonus. I am so grateful for what I have received so far, 2 months in.

coming up inside the membership

Weekly Group Coaching

Led by certified coaches we will explore topics such as leadership, growth mindset, boundaries and more. An open space for hot-seat coaching to ensure you have a space to reflect on what your career is teaching you.

Weekly Co-Working

Relentless action is non-negotiable. This is not a space to learn and learn and do nothing with that learning. One focused hour per week is all it takes to make progress, where you can choose silent work with your peers or mentoring through the practical stuff with Jaz.

Monthly Money Mindset

We talk about money openly round here. We regularly explore our relationship with it so we don’t hesitate to negotiate, raise our rates and understand the impact of having true wealth can have on our careers and lives.

Monthly Wellbeing

As ambitious women it’s all too easy to operate at 110% and not realise your on a steady path to imbalance. The membership is dedicated to anti-burnout and resident coach Nina will host workshops and mini-courses to support you holistically.

27 may – how to succeed with linkedin with sonya barlow

Learn to leverage the power of the ultimate business search tool, a platform that boasts 760+ million users and brings 80% of opportunities. ​A great LinkedIn profile can serve as a combination resume, bio and brochure on who you are and why you matter professionally. ​You will also learn how to develop an ongoing engagement with LinkedIn community using status updates, LinkedIn publishing platform and groups.

3 jun – meet your imposter with jaz

It’s spoken about a lot but what is it really? Is it something we relate to and if so how. How is your own personal imposter holding you back from opportunities and adventures in your career? In this workshop we will explore the different personas and tools we can use to overcome and combat them when they show up. You will leave with a clear view of your imposter and effective ways to send her packing.

2nd july – the unlimited career plan with jaz

A full day sharing my signature framework to grow your self-awareness, communicate confidently and take relentless action to grow your career. Your ambition could be leadership, entrepreneurship, pivot or progress; through proven tools, interactive exercises and coaching you will walk away with an authentic and effective plan for your career.

24 may – content + strategy with phoebe dodds & jess sophia bruno

CONTENT + STRATEGY = YOUR PAGE GROWING. It’s that simple… right? We know how hard it is to create content that converts so Jessica Bruno & Phoebe Dodds have created a ’Social Media Marketing 101’ workshop to teach you all about engagement rates, beating the algorithms and creating purpose-led content.

courses included

side hustle school

Time to make a move on the business idea you’ve had for so long your embarrassed to admit? This course walks you through everything you need to dream, plan, launch a grow a successful side hustle.

new job now

You’ve decided it’s time to make a change towards something new, exciting, maybe it’s a step up or a complete pivot. This course will walk you through crafting a personal brand, powerful CV and new job strategy to get you exactly where you want to be.

leadership lab

We need more women in leadership. But more than anything we need them to be themselves when they arrive. In this course we explore your values, mission and style as a leader. Whether a first-time manager, team lead or CEO of your own company it’s time to be intentional about your leadership.

meet your coaches

Jaz BroughtonFounder & Coach

Jaz is a career success coach with years of experience enabling countless people in start-ups, tech and digital roles to create a phenomenal and fulfilling career. A lifelong entrepreneur who sent her first invoice aged 14 Jaz prides herself on being a certified life coach who is caring and candid about what it takes to have a truly fulfilling and phenomenal career.

Sara MaxwellWealth Coach

Sara Jane Maxwell, Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wealth Coach. Empowering individuals, couples, groups and businesses to find the joy in connecting to their money and future. Drawing on 20+ years experience in the Financial services industry, to engage and transform the relationship with money. Passionate to inject colour and energy into the grey of finances.

Rachel WalkerRelationship Life Coach

Rachel helps people embrace who they are so they can get clear & courageous about the decisions they make in their lives. Through experience gained during her ICF accredited coach training, degree in Psychology, Masters in Leadership and time at a primary school, she combines coaching methods, learning theory and a sprinkle of playfulness into helping people bring the best of themselves into what they do.

Nina Fischer-YargiciNutrition & Lifestyle Coach

Nina is a Nutrition & Lifestyle Coach (Registered Nutritional Therapist, BSc, DipION, mBANT, CNHC) and Millenial-corporate-bee-turned-working-mum. She teaches ambitious women how to eat and live to be healthier, more focused and confident – even if it seems impossible – with easy everyday health hacks

join us today

  • WEEKLY Group Coaching
  • WEEKLY Co-working
  • MONTHLY Money Mindset
  • Self-paced Courses & TOOLS
  • CAREER GROWTH Workshops
  • WEEKLY Group Coaching
  • WEEKLY Co-working
  • MONTHLY Money Mindset
  • Self-paced Courses & TOOLS
  • Career growth Workshops


What if I can’t attend the calls?

Replays or summaries are always available so you work through at your own pace.

Is there a minimum time I should stay?

This is an on-going membership so you can join for 1 month or as many months as you like. We recommend at least 90 days as this is when you can start to see bigger transformation (although you will feel it much sooner)

What kind of results can I expect?

You will get out of it what you put in. If you show up for yourself you can:

  • Get clarity on your career goals and take consistent actions towards them.
  • Build a professional brand that attracts opportunities.
  • Gain the confidence to communicate your value.
  • Launch the business you’ve been planning for ages.
  • Build a phenomenal and truly fulfilling career.
  • Change your relationship with money so you feel less anxiety, can earn more and build wealth on your own terms.
I’m still not sure this is for me and my goals…

No problem, drop me an email so I can answer any questions you have and share more about the experience.

What time are the sessions usually?

All sessions are typically in the evening from 6pm or in the morning before 9am. Special workshops are also lunchtimes 12-1pm. All UK times.

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