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Women Winning in Business

29 Nov, 1.30-8pm Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre, London, EC2V 7HH

It’s time to gather, network and mobilize to take your business to the next level as a female founder. 

Join us to hear me deliver my keynote on the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset alongside other reputable experts, coaches and speakers. 

The City of London Corporation and the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre are passionate about diversity and helping people from all backgrounds to start and grow their business. With fewer women than men starting a business, they want to empower more women and support them in their business journey.

Setting the Standard for your 2023 career​

29 Dec, 6.30-8pm (UK), Online

Whether in a customer-facing role, a high-stakes executive position or a fresh graduate opportunity you have goals. Audacious, ambitious and sometimes downright intimidating they are a reality of the role. In this workshop, we will explore what it means to pursue goals, and pitfalls on the way and create a plan for navigating all of those to success.

  • Learn top tools for greater productivity and progress
  • Learn how to evaluate failures and disappointments pro-actively
  • Explore the pitfalls of procrastination, overwhelm and poor planning when pursuing goals
  • Creating a personal action plan for consistently reaching your goals


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Building Resilience

5 Jan, 6.30-7.30pm, Online

Plot twists, pivots and people are part of a modern career. It isn’t always predictable and isn’t always easy. Whether in a customer-facing role, a high-stakes executive position or a fresh graduate resilience is necessary. In this workshop, we explore the overlooked skill of resilience and how it can be placed front and centre. Ensuring the experience doesn’t define them, take what you need and leave the rest, build resilience as a muscle and gain a fresh perspective.

  • Learn what resilience is, and the moments it matters most
  • Understand how resilience has played a role in your career
  • Explore the resilience-building toolkit
  • Create a personal action plan for building resilience as a skill and competency

WeAreVirtual: Authentic Personal Branding

18th January , 12-1pm (GMT), Online

Let’s talk about personal branding, what it is and isn’t and where to get started. Taking an inside-out approach to being intentional with a personal brand is a powerful career shift; both inside an organisation, in the industry and online. Standing out for all the right reasons starts from within. Outcomes include:

  • Understanding what a personal brand is and isn’t
  • Exploring online and offline applications of personal brand
  • Exploring values as a foundation for effective personal brand
  • Creating an action plan for starting and continuing to build an impactful personal brand
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Embracing Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy & win

4 February 2023 , 1pm-9pm (GMT), The Hearth, London

Let’s gather as high achievers to embrace ambition in a new way. Holistic, intimate and nourished is how every single person will feel at this special event.

You work so hard, you get up and keep going and there’s always something that needed to be done yesterday. It’s time to put it down for a moment, drop your shoulders and be surrounded by others who get-it. Together, we will explore:

  • Why we should embrace ambition
  • Finding your foundation
  • Money Mindset for the next chapter
  • Anti-burnout Ambition

So you can set intentions alongside clear changes to empower yourself to be healthy, wealthy and win in life and career. 

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