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Master Your Message

27th November, 10am-4pm (GMT), Kindred, Hammersmith

When many of us think of presentation and presentation skills we have a few things that come to mind:

  • We don’t realise it’s a skill that can be improved
  • We see it as a challenge so we avoid it
  • We think there is only one-true way to be a great presenter and that’s reserved for ‘other people’ not us

We’re here to bust those myths and declare that presentation skills are an integral thing to have, being confident presenting can look like your everyday zoom meeting or the training or pitch you have to deliver at the end of the month. It can look like showing up on social media and keep people from multi-tasking as you lead a webinar.

Join us to learn the basics of personal branding, confident communication and presentation skills.

Refreshments and lunch included.

New Job Now
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Ambition Without Burnout

4th February, 9-11am, Labs House London

Burnout is very real, before and after the pandemic it was a great challenge for folks to understand how much is too much and how to know when to pull back.

When you’re driven and ambitious it can be difficult to draw the line and all of a sudden you look up from your work to realise your running on empty.

You’re mission-driven, inspired by your work and always feel sooo close to the finish line. So you push, you hustle and you do-what-it-takes.

But what if this way of working is taking too much from us?

Join this breakfast workshop to learn the tools to navigate one of the biggest career challenges and pursue your bold goals.


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