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The 3 secrets to easily build a powerful personal brand using LinkedIn

10-12th October , 1pm-9pm (GMT), Online, Mint Ambition Summit

A FREE online conference to help highly sensitive professionals feel confident speaking up, sharing your ideas and promoting yourself so you can rise to Director level (and beyond!)

I’ll be delivering a session on The 3 secrets to easily build a powerful personal brand using LinkedIn (even if you’re uncomfortable putting yourself out there) followed up by LinkedIn reviews in the attendee Facebook Group.


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Engaging your high-achievers

11th October , 12-12.45pm (GMT), Online

With the great resignation, quiet quitting, economic uncertainty and more, attracting `and retaining top talent is still as urgent as ever. Teams still wake-up each day striving for the most ambitious goals to change their industry, impact their customers and grow.

In this climate, your high-achievers can be your secret weapon to moving forward; inherently driven, committed to quality and excited by challenge they don’t balk at the bold targets and they certainly don’t shy away from sticky situations.

But this is only when they feel fully supported to do so, and if not… they leave to find another team and mission more deserving.

This doesn’t have to be the case. Join us to find out why.

Challenging Imposter Syndrome

18 & 24 October, 6.30-8.30pm, Beyond Aldgate, London

It’s time to shift your experience of imposter syndrome; let’s leverage this phenomenon as a tool and stepping stone in the journey of our careers. Together we will:

  • Understand some of the causes of imposter syndrome
  • Identify exactly how it shows up for each of us
  • Unpack a toolkit for challenging it in-the-moment and beyond
  • Uncover some of the insights from past experiences of imposter syndrome to inform future steps
  • Make a personal game-plan to ensure it doesn’t hinder or hold us back anymore!

In-person and in-depth this is a time to grab your notebook, bring your whole self and be powerfully coached from point A to point B when it comes to imposter syndrome in your career. 

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Career Change Checklist

31st October , 12pm or 6.30pm (GMT), Online

You know it’s time to move on but overwhelm over the next step means your not actually moving. Let’s simplify what you should do to get going!

  • Maybe the rug was pulled or a change has been calling you for a while.
  • Maybe you’ve hit a ceiling in your current organisation
  • Maybe you’re ready to return to employment after a season of freelancing
  • Maybe the year has got you thinking or you have been impacted by redundancy or facing uncertainty in your role.

No matter the reason, the bottom line is you need to find something NOW in this session I will share key insights to get you started sooner; not later.

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Master Your Message

2nd November, 6.00-8.00pm (GMT), Beyond Aldgate, London

When many of us think of personal branding and presentation skills we have a few things that come to mind:

  • We think it’s just for public speakers/entrepreneurs
  • We overlook the role of non-verbal communication
  • We think these skills are only for ‘important moments’
  • We see it as a challenge so we avoid it
  • We think all personal brands are fake-personas and feel icky as a result
  • We think there is only one-true way to be a great presenter and that’s reserved for ‘other people’ not us

We’re here to bust those myths and declare that personal branding and presentation skills are integral things to have and show you exactly how.

Women Winning in Business

29 Nov, 1.30-8pm Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre, London, EC2V 7HH

It’s time to gather, network and mobilize to take your business to the next level as a female founder. 

Join us to hear me deliver my keynote on the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset alongside other reputable experts, coaches and speakers. 

The City of London Corporation and the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre are passionate about diversity and helping people from all backgrounds to start and grow their business. With fewer women than men starting a business, they want to empower more women and support them in their business journey.

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Embracing Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy & win

4 February 2023 , 1pm-9pm (GMT), The Hearth, London

Let’s gather as high achievers to embrace ambition in a new way. Holistic, intimate and nourished is how every single person will feel at this special event.

You work so hard, you get up and keep going and there’s always something that needed to be done yesterday. It’s time to put it down for a moment, drop your shoulders and be surrounded by others who get-it. Together, we will explore:

  • Why we should embrace ambition
  • Finding your foundation
  • Money Mindset for the next chapter
  • Anti-burnout Ambition

So you can set intentions alongside clear changes to empower yourself to be healthy, wealthy and win in life and career. 


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