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Embracing Ambition; Uncover the How & Why of your Career


Join this mini-conference to uncover your unique approach to all the to dos, tasks and targets in your ambitious career.
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You don't need help dreaming big.

You work so hard, you get up and keep going, and there’s always something that needs to be done yesterday.

It’s time to put it all down for a moment, drop your shoulders, be surrounded by others who get it, and work with 3 coaches ready and waiting to challenge your thinking, support your dreams, and help you learn more about the “you” that sits here today.

As we enter a new season, grab the salted caramel iced oat latte and reflect on the year. Let’s gather as high achievers to embrace ambition in a new way. 

Our Agenda

01 Anti-burnout ambition with Jaz

Let's explore what it means to be ambitious without shame, why we should embrace it with both happens and how the world changes when we do. Let's close by creating your plan for anti-burnout ambition, something authentic, tailored and rooted in powerful self-coaching so you can truly be healthy, wealthy and win without sacrifice.

02 Money Mindset for your next chapter with Sara Jane Maxwell

Money can feel separate, tricky, the thing we can't quite grasp. In this session we learn about the energy money carries for us and how we might support ourselves to allow it to flow more freely.

03 Finding your foundation with Yasmina

You're high-achieving habits come from somewhere, your drive had a starting point and your continued ambition is propelled by something or sometimes someone. Let's explore the roots of your ambition so you can use it to step towards your desire instead of running away from your fears.

Our Speakers

Sara Maxwell

Sara Jane Maxwell, Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wealth Coach. Empowering individuals, couples, groups and businesses to find the joy in connecting to their money and future. Drawing on 20+ years experience in the Financial services industry, to engage and transform the relationship with money. Passionate to inject colour and energy into the grey of finances.

Yasmina Hedhli

Yasmina Hedhli is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Facilitator and Community Leader. After completing a Masters in International Economic Law, Justice and Development, Yasmina worked in not-for-profit leadership. Always passionate about social justice and inclusion, she regularly found herself being the ‘only’ in many rooms, which inspired her to advocate for others and use her influence to affect positive change.

Jaz Marfo

With over 10 years experience empowering folks to make change in their career, she brings candor and clarity to her clients so they-too can embrace their ambition and become the person they've always been. Jaz' signature straight-talking style is both powerful and authentic, leaving people both inspired and equipped to get back in the driving seat of their careers.

Come in, we'll put the kettle on.


This will be a safe space to share what you feel comfortable sharing. We'll start the day getting to know each other; our fears, favourite colour and everything in between.


Once the happy hormones fade and you're on the journey independently, you'll have everything you need to take action on what you've learned about yourself.


This is a time to connect to yourself, your dreams and your desires in multiple ways. It's also a time to be nourished and supported by others who get it.


Certified coaching towards your career goal in a group environment; with combined expertise in positive psychology, somatics, reiki, embodiment and mindset, we'll support you to figure out the "un-figureoutable" about you.

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What they said (past events & workshops)

Jaz helped me get out of my own way, and like a L’oreal advert – realise I am worth it

This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

Jaz delivered a fantastic session for us. She was engaging, inspiring and led us through some open and honest conversations in a nurturing and expert way.

Holly Ivins

Working with Jaz was a dream. Her experience and expertise is made accessible, practical and inspiring, our community loved her and we loved working with someone who’s values seemed well aligned to our own.  Looking forward to finding more ways to work with Jaz in the future.

Sarah & Claire @ we are radikl

The event was so down to earth, full of empowering conversation, practical tips and glowing expertise

This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

Jaz has been an absolute delight to work with. She delivered an engaging and inspiring workshop for a group of 15 career-changers taking part in our ‘Launch a Career in Tech’ program. From our first call through to the delivery of her workshop she has been highly communicative, professional, and engaging. She quickly understood the brief and developed a tailored workshop for us. During the workshop she shared relatable insights about her personal journey into tech and introduced the group to a relevant goal-setting framework. Her coaching background was very apparent throughout; she asked thought-provoking questions, exhibited deep empathy, and left loads of space for group reflection and questions. Thank you Jaz!

Steph Lau, Program Manager @Foundervine

It was powerful to hear you talk. You made me look at myself sideways, think about making more empowered decisions, and reasserting my boundaries when I feel strongly about things. Thank you so much.

Up Front Global

Great session. Left the session with practical and valuable steps that I will take in pursuing my career change.

Roxy, Civil Servant

I had the absolute pleasure of attending the ‘Master your Message’ workshop after work last night. Huge thanks to Jaz Broughton and Heather Jeffries for giving me and other attendees 2 hours of not just powerful knowledge but also the chance to practise it in a safe, engaging environment. The session was super inspiring, in the end making me leave the room with newly risen confidence and excitement towards my upcoming public speaking adventures.

Anna Dolidze

Jaz was so BRILLIANT, fab and held my attention for the full two hours. The discussion was really well
handled, not rushed and validated. I have come away feeling empowered to create change

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I thought the facilitator Jaz was excellent – great pace and explained everything so well – lovely tone (not
patronizing) and very articulate

Participant @ Hustle Crew

“I thoroughly enjoyed the session and thought Jaz did a great job at prompting interaction from the
participantsin a way that wasn’t forceful and was very natural. And also putting everyone at ease during
the entire session.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

Jaz is a great facilitator, inviting people to speak in a gentle manner, providing thoughtful answers to the
questions raised.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I found the sessions well run, well-paced, and Jaz was a fantastic facilitator for what must be a difficult
session to run.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

I really enjoyed the story sharing and open and sharing environment that Jaz created.

Participant @ Hustle Crew

Jaz worked with the Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre to create a Women Winning in Business event. She was the first speaker of a line up of inspirational and motivational speakers and Jaz delivered a wonderful presentation called The Entrepreneurial Mindset. This was exactly the start our event needed, she showcased great energy and enthusiasm. Working with Jaz has been a pleasure, she stays ahead of trends, communicates and showcases great integrity. We look forward to working with her again in the future.

Small Business Research + Enterprise Centre, City of London Corporation

Absolutely incredible energy and attention to our audience. One of the best workshops we’ve ever hosted!

Isabel Sachs, Founder @ I Like Networking

Frequently Asked Questions

None at all, come as you are. The workshops are designed to add to your natural starting-the-year process.

Not necessarily. We will focus more on the “how” of your goals rather than the “what”.

Yes, simply send me an email at and I can generate this via Stripe. Otherwise the receipt should suffice if you pay out of pocket and expense.

Yes, most definitely. Coaching is a curious conversation to help you find your own solutions. Each coach will be there to support you through exercises and answer any questions you have.

Is there a question we haven't answered?

Please fill out the form, so we can learn more about you and your questions about the day.

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