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challenging imposter syndrome

Challenging Imposter Syndrome

It’s spoken about a lot but what is it really?

How is your own personal imposter holding you back from opportunities and adventures in your career? 

In this self-paced masterclass we will understand our imposter so we can see them coming, then say hi and bye before they take over. We will share tools and coaching to do just-that so you can leave feeling empowered and equipped with everything you need to succeed.

We’ll explore

What is it anyway?

So many different 'instagrammable' quotes and memes later and it's still difficult to pin down. Let's start with the facts and some time with a dictionary and data to start on the right foot.

How does it show up for me?

Imposter syndrome is different for us all and to meet it, we have to recognise it and the particular moments we experience it. Remember, it has no boundaries, work and/or'll show up to the party regardless!

How can I challenge it?

Practical tools. Real-talk, being honest about the different things you can try to make sure any visit is a short-stay. Some will work for you and others won't, that's why I'll share a toolkit of 10 things you can experiment with.

How can I change? (Bonus)

Putting one foot in front of the other together with the bonus 12 weeks of insight and inspiration delivered directly to your inbox. We all know it takes at least 66 days to build a habit so here's 84!

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what they are saying

The event was so down to earth, full of empowering conversation, practical tips and glowing expertise!

Jaz helped me get out of my own way, and like a L’oreal advert – realise I am worth it

This session was really cathartic in that it highlighted that many people are in their heads about how they come off to people (like I am) plus it was great to get actionable tips for addressing these thoughts/feelings!

Challenging imposter syndrome - Just Jaz
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