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It's time to challenge burnout!

There is an increase in burnout, but whether that is a result of us knowing what it is, talking about it more, or the world of work getting worse; does not matter.  What matters is what we do about it. Let’s challenge burnout once and for all.

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53% of Millennials were already burned out pre-pandemic, and they remain the most affected population, with 59% experiencing it today. However, Gen-Z is now neck and neck, as 58% report burnout—up from 47% who said the same in 2020. 

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Challenging Burnout

Many companies are ambitious and attract employees who are the same, and as we work more flexibly, the lines between being “switched on” and “switched off” get blurrier. With many folks confessing they don’t know the difference, we find ourselves burning out in work AND life and then trying to make sense of it in hindsight.

Not easy.

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Challenging Burnout for ERG & Team Leads

As organisational leaders striving for impact, clarifying intentions and caring for your own wellbeing as well as others this can be a double-whammy when it hits you.

  • How can you be the safe-space for other folks when you feel constantly at-risk?
  • How can you push towards equity, progress and growth when that very-growth seems to come at such a high price?

It’s a double-layer of responsibility. I get it, I can help.

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Grab the toolkit packed with practical, personal and professional insights to help you challenge it daily.

Further Solutions



Time to explore burnout together. We can't keep ignoring the elephant in the room so let's create some language for it and have the candid conversations as a team. Understand what it is and what we can ALL do about it.

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Private Coaching

Private space for you to explore and resolve burnout and how it's shown up in your own career for better or worse (yep I said better!). Let's make sure you get your goals despite the challenge burnout presents.


The Vault Community

Within a supportive community learn the tools to challenge burnout in the dedicated "Rewritten Course". Self-paced and practical you will have everything you need surrounded by folks who get it.

Challenging Burnout - Just Jaz

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