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Ambitious Career Strategy

The programme for high-achievers who want it all without overwhelm or underwhelm

You’re operating at the highest level of excellence, committed to personal development but also super-prone to overwhelm and burnout.

It’s time to find your way of being that leads to the doing in your career without stopping short of your desires OR going into overdrive; diving head-first into burnout. Yes, it’s possible. 

ambitious career strategy is now inside the vault membership!

Get a career strategy for your top goal for the year

You'll learn how to...


You're not alone. I get it.

Like you, every person in the “room” of Ambitious Career Strategy is high-achieving; this is not the place for a plan to coast the rest of the year. You’re ready to show up for yourself in a big way sooner rather than later because you know being excellent in the back of the room isn’t serving you. 
You’re ready to get promoted ahead of the annual review, be acknowledged for your impact before the end of the project and still have time for a weekend away. 
Yep, you heard me, this isn’t about overworking to overachieve or being available and at your desk 24/7, this isn’t even about your elevator pitch or LinkedIn profile. 

It’s bigger than that.

Here's our agenda...

Own it all

Let's reach into the back of your career closet for all the experiences, decisions, values, motivations and more. Setting yourself as the foundation of your strategy. Creating your strategy from the inside out is how we ensure it's impact for time to come!

Mind the gap

No fluff required. Let's understand the gap we have to bridge between your now and your next. Learning what's getting in the way of what you've been doing so far including some of our favourites; insecurity, instability, instagram, instant gratification, imposter syndrome and more.

Move Mindset Mountains

We can't address burnout without addressing mental health, mental wealth and mindset. Let's link those beliefs, thoughts and actions for better not-worse by understanding the beliefs we hold dear and those imposed on us by life experiences and build anew.

Master Your Message

So nobody gets confused about what you stand for and bring to the table because your visible and serving it all. Confident communication starts with intention and personal brands shouldn't happen by accident.

Goal Getting

Not just sexy frameworks. We'll explore the specific challenges that pop up for us high-achievers alongside tools to kick them out the way. We want progress like oxygen but sometimes that's easier said than done, no more.


Choose your own adventure. With your strategy in tow, community surrounding you and desires as dates not dreams your bound to have a few questions. Let's review the previous weeks, implementation, impact and more.

Making it easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy…

A clear career strategy (with bits) that fits so you don’t have to restart every year Define your career on your own terms and declare it to the universe (and everyone else in the class). You’ll learn how important it is to define yourself for yourself and be armed with the quick switches you can do to make it clear to everyone else. 

A juicy glass of your unique blend of skills, strengths and talent so you can stop being a best-kept secret. No matter your industry, job title or experience level you still need to know precisely what you bring to the table. Too often we go through our careers on auto-pilot moving “onto the next” without truly understanding our skills and how they are developing. You will learn how to audit this as a habit so you are super-aware. 

A zesty kick into taking relentless action instead of building a list of one-day tasks that you will never get round to. No matter how well-meaning this is not the place action for it’s own sake, make empowered choices, prioritise ruthlessly and bring anything that dares get in the way into coaching each month.

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It's time to embrace your ambition without fear!


Most Career Programmes focus on how-to’s and a super specific goal. This is focused on mindset and perspective change that underpins any of your personal goals. It creates a way-of-being that stays with you beyond your immediate goal whatever it is.

Yep. Entreprenuership is a career, you’re not exempt from wanting progress, possessing skills and wanting to be more productive. Your business success will rely on your way of being as a leader so isn’t it important to be intentional about that?

Yep. Provided you complete the steps, no-skipping the exercises or implementation points. You will only learn what you are capable-of by going out and doing-it so be ready for change and action when you join!

1.5-2 hours a week. You can just show up for the sessions but to maximise the impact you’re gonna wanna do it all which means an extra 30 mins for reflection and exercises each week

Ambitious Career Strategy - Just Jaz

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