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Career Playbook With Jaz

Career Playbook

The programme for ambitious people who want predictable progress in their careers.

A self-paced programme with tried and tested techniques for you to establish a career strategy that fits like Cinderella’s slipper. No more copy and paste, cookie cutter approaches, this will be something tailored to your dream results. It’s time to find your way ofbeing that leads to the doing in your career. 

At the end of the programme you will have a clear playbook for predictable progress to:

Get the limitless career you dream of

Change Your Career

I see you!

You can feel it’s not serving you to keep censoring yourself when people ask about your goals and dreams because you want in 1 year what most people expect in 3.

You hear success stories like “I just sent the email and they said yes” all the time but right now that feels unattainable because your imposter syndrome is so loud.

You see others doing these amazing things in their career and at first it made you feel sad and now it’s feeling more like envy. And that’s not you!

You know it’s wrong to keep blaming your circumstances on the way your career has turned out and genuinely believe you can change it, why else would you have so many books!

Does this sound familiar?

You’re starting to dread Wednesdays because it’s giving you that Sunday-night feeling of trepidation. You don’t recognise your career and have lost track of the moment you began rolling down the hill of playing small. Through all the small moments of downplaying your dreams and dismissing your ambition in shame you’ve created a career you want to throw in the bin. 

How could you have come so far, what happened to all those plans and potential? When do you become this person?

Here’s the realness…

Your friends keep mentioning that you seem different and even your bestie has recognised the work-wind-down-wine is a regular occurrence. 

It’s reached the point where you dread meeting up with people because you don’t want to have to lie when they ask how it’s all going. 

You do this because lying is easier than the truth because the truth would cause them to dish out tonnes of unsolicited advice for all the books, podcast, hacks, mindset, meditation and get-up-and-go things that you’ve already tried.

They mean well but they don’t get it. At this point you doubt if anyone really does. 

It’s like there’s a big-you trapped inside a little-you trying to get out. The vision board fell off the wall in March and you never bothered to pick it back up and can’t reStudent the last time you asked yourself what YOU truly want.

Asked yourself and the said the big-hairy-scary things that big-you has ALWAYS wanted, the biz, the promotion, the hobby, the family, the joy and the confidence. All the things.



The 3 reasons you're still stuck in "ugh"

You have to stop copy-pasting your career strategy and put yourself back in the driving seat - or you're not going to get the destination following someone else’s map, on the wrong side of the road, in a completely different city. #lost
You have to embrace your ambition and forgive yourself for all the times you felt ashamed of it. It’s a superpower but you can’t use the power if you don’t acknowledge it’s there.
You have to prioritise what you want above all-else, even if just for 1 hour a week. It’s not going to happen by chance, you have to be intentional
Online Coaching With Jaz Broughton

Isn’t it about time!?!

Isn’t it about time your work supported your life instead of weighing it down? What would it even mean to have that sort of career and wake up on a Wednesday feeling energised?

Good news is… You can change, your career can change!

  • You can stop buying all the books and start re-reading your journals for your lived-wisdom.
  • You can move away from the self-destruct button and simply re-build your career brick by brick with support
  • You can leave behind the self-doubt and imposter syndrome and take hold of all your skills, talent, experience and impact
  • You can release all the censoring and small-ness and embrace the truth of who you are, just how much room you should take up in the world and be 100% you, all the time, everywhere with no shame.

I was over it. So I created this for you

I was told very early I could be whatever I wanted to be so when I entered the world of work aged 16 that’s what I carried with me. I then began to face bias, gender pay gaps, bullying, overworking and more.

It began to erode my sense of worth, invited imposter syndrome and was almost about to make me throw my dreams away entirely. I hit rock-bottom in a job that I loved with burnout and self-sabotage, I didn’t know what else to do.

Then I said “no more!”.

I realised I wasn’t alone in my ambition and drive and I wasn’t the only person struggling with boundaries, high-functioning anxiety whilst striving to make progress in my career.

I began to make my own playbook for success, I established boundaries and declared my worth with every step of my squiggly career.

I proved to myself and others it was possible to say “no” to anything that gets in your path (even if it’s yourself) and carve a limitless career on your own terms. I’ve personally seen promotion, pay-rise, business growth, new opportunities and greater impact in my career. 

The proven methods I use are poured into this programme so you can know that it is possible and you-too can say “no more!” and chart a path to a limitless career.

The Career Of Your Dreams Won’t Happen By Accident

It takes time, intention and a clear and concise plan. It takes effort to get the achievements. It takes continuous growth to get the promotion, new role or to take the business to the next level.

Introducing the Career Playbook Programme

The only self-led and coaching-centred programme for you to move everything out of your way (including you), embrace your ambition and create predictable progress in your limitless career.

I’ve spent the last 4 years working with people just like you, heck I WAS you!

Change Your Career With Jaz

The Steps

This program is designed to teach you the three steps you need to take in order to see serious growth in your career. Not only will you learn the three steps, you’ll implement them right away and see an immediate difference in your approach to work.

Imagine if you…

  • Gain enhanced self-awareness so you have 20/20 vision and clarity on each step so you can spend your time in-action not indecision
  • Create greater alignment in your career so you can have less struggle and more ease, spending more time in your zone of genius.
  • Unlock confidence to build a brand, master your message and grabbing opportunities

The 3 Steps

Step 1 - You’re the expert on you, I’ll prove it

Step 2 - Master your message so you don’t get missed

Step 3 - Take Relentless action so the results are built-in

Step 3.5 - Perfect your playbook


Paid in full

3 interest-free payments

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Most Career Programmes focus on strategy, how-to’s and a super specific goal. Career Playbook is focused on mindset and perspective change that underpins any of those specific goals. It creates a way-of-being that stays with you beyond your immediate goal of a new job, promotion, more confidence, beating burnout etc.

No. When you purchase the Career Playbook Programme, you get access for 6 months. Enough time to see results, get off track and get back on track again. The objective is to create a playbook that will still impact your career when you no longer have access to the materials.
It means you are in control of how you move through the curriculum. The only caveat is that each step is sequential because they build upon each other but if you want to spread this out in 6 weeks or 6 days; it’s all your choice. You will still have 6 months access to the programme.
Yep. Your business is still a part of your career, you’re not exempt from wanting progress, possessing skills and wanting to be more productive. Your business success will rely on your way of being as a leader so isn’t it important to be intentional about that?
Yep. Provided you complete the programme, no-skipping the exercises or implementation points. You will only learn what you are capable of by going out and doing it so be ready for change when you begin!
I completely understand! That’s why this is self-led. 6 days, 6 weeks or the full 6 months take as much or little time as you want to work through the curriculum. Access the material online on your desktop, mobile or even private podcast.
Only within your initial 14 day period as noted in the terms and conditions.
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what they are saying

I love this membership, there is so much content and so much to look forward to. It’s a place you can get support and action with your career and personal growth. I can’t rate it highly enough.


Jaz has created an inspirational, supportive space for us ambitious people to grow. Her signature brand of honesty and care runs through all the sessions, whether it is her coaching or her network of inspiring guest speakers. My experience in this community has covered all bases when it comes to supporting my career growth, and I love that there is always something new to look forward to. You never know what the sessions will uncover.


The career Clubhouse is soo much more than I expected. The ability to connect with people in different stages of their careers and business is invaluable. The holistic approach of the Career clubhouse is unique, tackling mindset, wellbeing, money, belief, coaching and other practical business tool singularly and in combination is huge bonus. I am so grateful for what I have received so far, 2 months in. 


Interested? Reach out so we can get a date in the diary.

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