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In this episode, we take a deep dive into Morgan Blackman’s Holistic journey and bridging the gap between money and wellness. We cover investment and how it helped clear her debt, educating people on money, blending your passions, the power of choice trusting in the universe in the process of giving and receiving and so, so much more!

Morgan is a holistic wealth coach whose mission is to bridge the gap between money and wellness. As the Director of Holistic Bucks, her passion is to help heart-led female biz owners and leaders become financially secure and build the confidence they need to manifest a wealthier and more abundant life. Morgan strategically helps women achieve this through building a magnetic money mindset, gaining power over their financial decisions, and learning how to invest and have their hard-earned money work for them in order to build lasting generational wealth and create a powerful impact in the world.


Take a look at Morgans’s free e-book on Mastering Your Money Mindset and her Investing Webinar.

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Trusting What's on the Other Side with Morgan Blackman - Just Jaz

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