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Paris aka Paris Lalove is a Psychological Therapist, Life coach, Mentor and self-proclaimed Lover of life. Paris is passionate about supporting individuals improve their mental health and wellbeing by encouraging self-awareness, self-love and finding true fulfilment in life by moving from a place of simply surviving to truly thriving. Her mission is to support as many people as possible let go of negative thinking, self-sabotaging behaviours and psychological baggage and unlock their true potential to live life on their own terms – a life that is designed and not by default. Paris works for the NHS and runs Dedicated 2 Wellbeing a Therapy and Coaching service that offers 1:1 and group sessions.

Paris speaks at events, features on podcasts and runs wellbeing workshops for external organisations. Paris has also featured on BBC Radio London. To discuss topics such as millennial mental health, anxiety and procrastination.

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