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In this week’s episode I sit with Manaan Alexander, Operations Lead at CommandBar. We explore her nuanced career path, the importance of being a generalist and the discomfort of being over and underwhelmed.

Episode Highlights

  • How applying to jobs was like applying to college. 17:00
  • Working in the early stage space. 24:29
  • The importance of being a generalist. 28:16
  • How to sell yourself to people who don’t know you. 32:39
  • The importance of trust and culture. 35:57
  • The discomfort of over and underwhelmed. 49:20

Meet our guest

Manaan Alexander is an experienced operations and business generalist who thrives in complex industries, I bring my passion for learning to all aspects of my professional life. I have (almost) 10 years in Tech, across Seed through Public cos, mostly in the Seed to A stage. I love standing up new functions, going from 0-1, especially in areas that are often overlooked (customer operations, back office operations, etc). I have a BA and MA in Humanities/Liberal Arts (Philosophy focus) and an MBA.

Connect with her on Instagram @manaanalex or Linkedin

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