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Sara Jane Maxwell is a Certified Financial Coach and Founder of Wealth Coach. Passionate to inject colour and energy into the grey of finances. Empowering individuals, couples, groups and businesses to find the joy in connecting to their money and future. Drawing on 20+ years experience in the Financial services industry, to engage and transform the relationship with money, enabling true financial awakenings.

Sara is a speaker on the topics of Money Mindset, Wealth Management and Adult Financial Education. Focusing on her three pillar structure; ‘Your Money. Know it. Own it’, having established the cashflow EDGE technique.

She is also a financial planner, mortgage and protection adviser, with significant experience in individual and group employer pensions and investments. Having looked after sales and relationships for a financial platform and group pension provider for ten years prior to the launch of Wealth Coach.

Sara regularly speaks on podcasts, within membership groups, and has recently joined forces with a team of coaches to create the financial coaching podcast, Money Natters

Find out more about Sara’s services at and on Instagram here. Catch the Money Natters podcast, the conversation podcast with 6 financial coaches and friends here.

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