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In this episode, I sit with Danielle Meadows-Stinnett as she shares her gaming-infused parenting, her mission with Octane studios and exactly what she means by #morethangraphics.

Danielle is owner of 12 year old digital branding firm Octane Design Studios. She is a podcaster, wife, mother, and lover of chai tea, comics, cosplay and live MMA. Danielle is a blended family advocate as parent of 3 lively boys from 16 to 2 years old. As a retro gamer she uses gaming & strategy as a central tool to connect her family. Her children’s attributes range from neurodivergent and interracial heritages to hormonal growth spurts and challenging independence. As much as Danielle is passionate about providing creative services she strives to be more than just the graphics she creates. Connect with her on Linkedin here:

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#70 Keeping the pieces of myself with Danielle Meadows-Stinnett - Just Jaz

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