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In this episode, I sit with Dina Grishin, and we share insights from our work around career change, the indecision that can arise and what you can do about it.

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  • What would happen if we saw our business as a creative expression? (1:35)
  • What happens if you don’t have ideas (7:13)
  • Coaching is what you make it (11:56)
  • Self-discovery, self-development and self-mastery (27:12)
  • Career clarity equals career change (32:18)
  • What to do when you feel like you’re stuck (36:40)

Dina is a life & career coach based in London, coaching worldwide. She works with full-timers, part-timers and freelancers who feel stuck in indecision about what to do next in their careers. Join her mailing list here

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#66 Nothings' gone wrong if you're stuck with Dina Grishin - Just Jaz

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