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Welcome back to the new season of the Just Jaz & Co. show with something on my heart and mind. Just over 5 years since my own redundancy (that birthed my work as a coach), I'm looking around and seeing it happening from all angles. It's time to share some real, raw and candid things I wish I knew, I know now, and I want you to know if you're going through redundancy, restructure or layoff right now. As ever, share with a friend and check out the resources mentioned in the episode below:

  • Grab the Re-Reflections guide free here
  • If you're interested in coaching to support you through this time, the turbulence, the strategy and the next steps can all be figured out; book a call here to find out more.

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#64 Break-Glass Messages for Navigating Layoff, Redundancy or Restructure - Just Jaz

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