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If you’re listening to this podcast, it’s likely that you are an individual full of ambition, especially in your career. Almost by definition, that means we both fall into a group of people that find it difficult to relax and often fall into assigning our self-worth to our productivity. In this conversation with Sheila Murray, we unpack the stereotypes of success as high achieving, ambitious women, and how she has dedicated her working life to helping others find the feeling of success whilst thriving.

As we discuss in this episode, it’s the small things like stopping everything you are doing just to take a breath that can make the biggest difference. Book a call with me to discover how 1-1 coaching can help you explore where you’re boundaries should be, how to enforce them and how it can change the way you move through your world of work.


My Guest

Sheila works with high-achieving women that want to step into their next-level selves and thrive in their body, mind, and soul. She supports clients and groups in making this whole-person change by holding space for their unique experiences, offering new perspectives, and intuitively integrating healing modalities. Through working with Sheila, clients find they can breathe deeper, trust themselves to take aligned action and have a more confident glow that the world can feel. She is a Trauma-Informed Certified Coach, Whole Person Certified Coach, ICF Professional Certified Coach, and Yoga Instructor. 

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#62 Learning to relax with Sheila Murray - Just Jaz

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