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When even Beyonce starts telling us to quit our 9-5, you know something is not quite right in the current working ecosystem. Today I am sitting down with the powerhouse duo, Happy HQ, to talk to us about how having an employee-first culture can have a huge impact on every aspect of the business and staff wellbeing. I am sitting down with this powerhouse duo with a mission to help workplaces on their journey to create a positive culture. We explore how what employers are asking for has evolved over time, the knock-on effects of accurately communicating your company culture, and choosing to hire based on culture add vs a culture fit.

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My Guests

Inspired by the vision of a world without ‘work’ (as we know it), Janine and Louisa founded HappyHQ based on the belief that everyone deserves to work for a company that has a people-first culture, including the founders.

Positive cultures are now essential for company survival. More than ever, the future of work depends on companies listening to what their employees have to say, and staying curious about what motivates them. With their combined expertise in Positive Psychology, HR, and Communications, they’ve created an approach that helps companies easily measure, plan, and celebrate great company cultures.


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