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Unpacking the generational difference in careers is always interesting, attitudes to risk, the concept of safety and linear being the same thing and peer pressure that can sometimes bring. Today I sit down with Christina Belloge, an avid traveller, multi-passionate expert and lover of learning to understand the impact our relationships play in our careers for better or worse.

Meet My Guest

Christina Belloge is a Social Media Marketing Consultant, a Black ex-pat & traveler, transitioning into a travel professional. I’m originally the French Caribbean born in Paris but have lived in the UK, Germany, France, and the Netherlands. I’m the Founder & Director of Melanin Travels Magic, an online tour operator/ travel agency for the African Caribbean diaspora. I’ve traveled in 40+ countries, among 21 in the last 7 years; I’ve favoured mostly Black nations like Cape Verde, Jamaica, Ghana and Brazil, and Cuba.

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