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Feeling like you belong at your workplace can make or break your career experience, and today I am sitting down with Yasmina Hedhli to unpack the importance of belonging, career shifting, and falling in love with coaching. We chat all things imposter syndrome, empowered career decisions, creating boundaries, and defining success. If you feel like you have fallen into your career, and don’t know why you do what you do, this conversation is for you.

Are you ready to make empowered decisions and actively create a career where you feel you belong? Book a call with me to find out how 1-1 coaching can banish imposter syndrome, enforce boundaries, and allow you to fall in love with the work you’re doing!


Meet My Guest

Yasmina works with people who are trapped in underwhelming careers and relationships to overcome their imposter syndrome, stop self-sabotaging and break the patterns that are keeping them stuck. She uses a unique combination of techniques; working with the conscious, subconscious and energy; enabling deep healing, true transformation and rapid results. Yasmina is a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Coach and Spiral Practitioner. Yasmina is also a speaker and facilitator and works with organisations to support the success of people in under-represented groups.

Links: Linkedin / IG Transform with Yasmina

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#58 Boundaries vs Walls with Yasmina Hedhli - Just Jaz

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