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It’s not just what we are working on that affects our career, it’s HOW we are working too.

In this episode, I sit down with Lynn Erasmus to unpack what it means to be productive, knowing that you are enough, enjoying the journey, and being your own biggest advocate. This conversation was so juicy that it inspired me to put pen to paper, so click here to read the summary of the biggest takeaways from my chat with Lynn.


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Meet My Guest

Lynn is a multi-award-winning entrepreneur, and keynote speaker on culture and change. She is the author of Break Those Damn Rules, a book about living your purpose and stepping into the magnificent being that you are. Lynn is also the founder of SYMBL: Social Young & Multinational Business Leaders. Find out more about her work as a keynote speaker by visiting her website.

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#57 Productivity hacking with Lynn Erasmus - Just Jaz

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