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Today I am joined by the wonderful Serena Gasparini, as we sit down to discuss all things community. Anyone who is already signed up to my mailing list has heard me talking about networking vs connection (read my latest post on 100 communities here), and in this episode we dive deep into the alchemy that is community management! Serena mentions Found and Flourish, The Doers, and And.Co (Now Fiverr workplace), so feel free to check those out using these links!

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Meet My Guest

Serena is an Aussie community and marketing geek (15+ yrs experience in the industry) turned creative business owner of Sense and Forum. She runs multiple communities for major *mic drop* companies from all around the world. When she’s not working with human-centric brands you’ll find her living her best life in the Mediterranean, chilling at the beach on her days off.


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#55 The power of community with Serena Gasparini - Just Jaz

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