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In this episode of the Limitless Career Podcast, Dominique Marshall joins me to talk about the process of overcoming overwhelm and burnout. They are struggles that are so common, but we often don’t recognise them until we are out the other side. We cover how to identify what overwhelm and burnout look like, how they are different, and our techniques for combatting them.

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Meet My Guest

Dominique Marshall is the tea-drinking, stationery-loving designer behind Dmarzdesigns. She provides strategy-driven branding, hand-lettering, and Squarespace website design to service-based businesses and entrepreneurs. Her mission is to collaborate with soul-led businesses and help them see that they don’t need to stay stuck on a plateau with their brand identity or website if it’s not helping them grow in the way they envisioned.

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#49 Overcoming overwhelm and burnout - Just Jaz

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