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I sit down with Jess Sophia Bruno and Debbie Danon for this episode of the Limitless Career Podcast to talk about what it means to foster inclusivity in our careers. We will get under the hood of what it means to work in an inclusive way and the empathy and understanding it requires both towards others and ourselves.

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Meet My Guest

Jessica Sophia Bruno is a social media strategist and coach, working with creative brands to show up sustainably online. She left a corporate job to prioritise her mental and physical health, and now help others to not compromise their own.

Debbie Danon is a certified integral development coach, who unpicks those internalised messages around how we present ourselves in this world. She is also an expert facilitator that works with mission-driven businesses, NGOs, and any organisations that are serious about building a business based on values.

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#48 Inclusive by design with Jess Sophia Bruno and Debbie Danon - Just Jaz

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