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Anita Powell is the founder of ‘Menopause Alliance’, cofounder of ‘Black Women in Menopause’ and Bedford community radio, the women officer for the Labour Party within Bedford, and speaker on Menopause, community, Ethnic Minorities, and women’s issues.

Her career has included working on and off in the voluntary and community sector. She has a natural internal interest in working with and around social issues and injustices. She has worked on causes and jobs working with women, men, young people including mental health, ex-offenders, long term unemployed, menopause and refugees.

In this conversation, we cover all this activism, mental health and the workplace issues that specifically affect those of us with a uterus. We talk about how activism is core in the way Anita moves through the world, and how she used entrepreneurship to increase flexibility and maintain energy levels.


You can find out more about Anita and the work she is doing via her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You should also check out the book “Everything You Need To Know About Menopause” if you want to learn more.


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