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Rosa empowers mission-driven women who run their own online businesses to become trusted leaders, by launching their dream podcasts. She’s a podcast manager and founder of Ideablossoms – a boutique podcast agency that has assisted disruptive coaches and mentors release over 200 podcast episodes!

We discuss how boredom can help guide your career, and it’s okay feeling like the paths set out for us don’t quite fit our values. Rosa talks about being a digital nomad, flexibility in work schedules and the frustrations of goal-setting.


In this episode, we mentioned the “VIP day” programme by Jordan Gill, so please use this link to explore and satisfy those curiosity cravings.

You can find out more about Rosa and the services she provides via her websiteInstagram and LinkedIn. You should also check out her Podcast Launch VIP Day, and her template shop. If you are thinking about starting a podcast, you should have a look at the 15 questions to ask yourself before starting a podcast


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