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I sat down on IGTV to talk through what I mean when I say: you need to dust off your light.

When I was forced to stay still for a minute to recover from illness, I got inspired by a conversation with Kanye West to be a better version of myself with no apologies.

I hope this spontaneous episode convinces you to go after what you want, even when you aren’t used to seeing it around us. I hope that it pushes you to let your light shine, and not dim it to fit into others’ expectations of you.

If you need some help to dust off your light and start showing up as your true self with no apologies, we can work together to get there. Want to work towards a truly limitless career?

Want to work towards a truly limitless career? Connect with me and find out more information on how we can work together here: Newsletter | 1-1 coaching | Career Playbook

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#35 Dust off your light with Jaz Broughton - Just Jaz

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