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I sit down with my good friend, nutrition and lifestyle coach Nina Fischer-Yargici to discuss all things balancing our lives with wellness.Nina is a nutrition and lifestyle coach helping ambitious women look after themselves. To learn more about her work connect with her on insta or if you’re ready to upgrade your daily wellbeing routine check out her 5-day morning routine challenge or her 4-week signature programme “Overcome Overwhelm”.

She talks with me about her journey so far, moving through business consulting, starting her own nutritional therapy business during the pandemic, and balancing her family with career. My highlights from this episode are:

– Living based on your values, living out what you teach people,

– How having a family gave a new perspective on how to hire a team,

– What is meant for me is coming. I just have to trust and celebrate the small steps,

– The goal isn’t to finish the game, the goal is to enjoy the journey whilst you still have a game to play,

– and that broccoli won’t fix your emotional problems.

You can connect with Nina online using these links:

Instagram  |  Website   |  LinkedIn   |  Pinterest

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#34 Broccoli won't fix your emotional problems with Nina Fischer-Yargici - Just Jaz

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