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22 Amazing women who influenced my career

I want to pay homage to 22 of the wonderful women who have sown into me knowingly and unknowingly. 

I am having one of those mind-blowing months, where seeds that have been planted for years are finally blossoming and it’s nothing short of magical. So it feels fitting that I honour the women that planted those seeds.

It is always important to recognise who fed into your career, the goals you set, the boundaries you have made and broken. But as you will probably know by now, women are at a disadvantage when it comes to having a spotlight placed on their hard work. So please use the links below to look into the worlds of these incredible women, and maybe you will see why they had such an impact on me.


Viola Ncube

Saw my small beginnings and cheered me on

Joanna Abeyie

Said there would be no glass ceiling if you don’t see one

Anne Bona

Championed vulnerability to change the World

Ayurella Horn-Müller

Led with kindness & challenge

Hannah Keal

Fanned the flames into a wildfire

Anisah Osman Britton

Is unapologetic about the World she is creating

Melanie Eusebe

Keeps it 100 because she knows how rare that is

Bakita Kasadha

Brave & ever-blossoming

Tobi Oredein

Saw a gap & stepped boldly into it

Danielle Dash

A storyteller for the ages & a voice for our time

Lisa Mae Brunson

Opened my mind to new realities

Shaa Wasmund

Shifts the energy by being 100% herself all the time

Vanessa Sanyauke

Created a room I never wanted to leave

Paris Petgrave

Grace, God & grit

Saija Mahon

Multi-hyphenated & proud

Silja Litvin

Qualified & dedicated to the cause

Grace F Victory

Funny, resonant & raw

Irene Adeyinka

Generous, gifted & wise


Un-censored, honest & humble

Anne Boden

Defeated the stigma, reinvented herself & invented the new

Georgia Dodsworth

Beautiful, delicate, strong & powerful Queen

Jessica Huie

Unstoppable; On purpose


If you want to hear more incredible career stories, take a listen to the Limitless Career Podcast on Spotify.

If you are ready to make your own impact and start planting those seeds yourself, take my 7 ways to embrace ambition challenge!

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