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For the love of wellbeing: 4 Quick Tips

Allow me to share some of my personal experience around wellbeing with you

Last week I lost a few things, my voice, my oyster card and a lot of energy. I was running on empty and crawled into bed each evening reaping what I had sewn in not taking full care of myself.

That is the reality of working full-time and running a business sometimes. Wellbeing takes a back-seat. That is also the reason I stayed in bed yesterday watching some of my Netflix favourites and purposefully doing very little that could be defined as ‘productive’.

So in response to this, one of my April events Hustle with Flow, is creating a space for people who choose this to remember to take care of themselves, to remember why they do what they do and also remember they aren’t alone. So here are some other things I want you to remember:


Wellbeing Tip #1

Sleep It is important, don’t listen to the #hustleporn. If you are anything like me you typically spend 60 working in some capacity. Do the math and listen to Arianna Huffington tell you too.

Wellbeing Tip #2

Drink water It’s about 3 pm and I want to sleep at my desk..and I’ve been drinking tea all day. Tea is not water, drink some water. Say it with me, tea (even if it’s green) is not water, I will drink more water.

Wellbeing Tip #3

Say no You do not need to be everywhere with everyone all the time. The World will still spin if you went home or went to bed early (see how I tied sleep back in there!) Find for yourself the Joy of missing out (J.O.M.O) which is apparently the antidote to Fear of missing out (F.O.M.O) according to this lovely Psychologies article.

Wellbeing Tip #4

Take a break Mentally, physically all the way. Don’t be afraid to switch off. I enjoyed watching some light-hearted Disney on Wednesday and enjoyed Amy Schumer’s comedy special yesterday. Laugh smile and take a step back.


There are more nuggets I have to share on the ways you can hustle with the flow, that applies whether you are a side-hustler, full-time employee, mother, freelancer, student and more… we are all human.

I hope this week you find new ways to take care of yourself and encourage others to do the same! If you are looking for more  thoughts on wellbeing read my 3 rules of Self-Care

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For the love of wellbeing: 4 Quick Tips - Just Jaz

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