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Side Hustle Stages

Hustle Stages

In my work supporting people in their side hustles, I found 4 clear and concise stages that we all go through (sometimes in no particular order). These stages have their own unique set of challenges and wins waiting in the wings which is why it’s important to know where you are in order to clarify your next step.


You haven’t even told anyone, you are watching films and documentaries about entrepreneurs wondering if you could do it. You are ready for more but don’t know what. One thing you do know is what you are doing right now isn’t enough.


It’s more than a dream. You have files on your computer, saved pins and IG posts, articles and much more. You have an idea and a whole bunch of inspiration and have even gone as far as to set the month or year you’re going to launch.


You’ve done more than set the date, you’ve actually told people about it! The online profile is set up and you are taking calls and pre-orders. You feel like Bambi when she first learns to walk, you’re doing it but it’s all new and every day demands a new level of bravery.


You are double-figures and more in the client but feel like you haven’t found the magic formula yet. You’re booked and busy but on the brink of burnout and wonder what it would feel like if it could be easier.

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Side Hustle Stages - Just Jaz

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