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For the Love of Self-Gifting and Celebration: my 4 favourite things

I recently celebrated a big birthday and had been self-gifting myself many things in celebration. I believe it is sooo important to celebrate ourselves, it’s often something we can forget to do as we move on to “the next”. It’s something I often emphasise in my 1-1 coaching.

Especially in lock-down I have begun to reflect on my favourite things, including those I miss and why and what they mean to me. This may easily be seen as a superficial wishlist of material things but to me it’s more. I encourage you to think of those things in your lives that may be material but are still meaningful. Think of what those things are for others and how you can bring that into their lives in this time of lock-down and social-distancing.

So, in no particular order… here goes!

Celebration Moment One: Fresh Flowers

My grandmother was called Melrose and she loved flowers. My dad buys flowers for my mum and has done so for my sisters and I throughout the years. There is something about intentionally bringing beautiful life into your home that makes me feel treasured.

My name is Jaz (because my mum likes the music and said if I was ever famous I wouldn’t have to change my name. My name is Jaz which comes from “Jasmine” which means “Beautiful flower” so needless to say my love for roses, peonies, tulips, babies breath (yes it’s a flower!) and more was destined to be.

Each flower and stem unique but gathered in harmony to bring fragrance, colour and beauty to any space and to remind you of LIFE.

My grandmother would say “bring me flowers when I can still smell them”  and I feel the same.

Celebration Moment Two: Hotel Escapes

I was blessed to spend a few Christmases at hotels growing up. The council-of-aunts would go on strike and insist on not being stuck in the kitchen but in the spa instead.

I learned that we dress up for dinner and that there were fresh towels and tea in your room. Hotels always remind me of an escape, with decor too impractical for a home but in locations far away from home. These experiences led me to a career of customer service, starting with my degree in hospitality and grad role as an event manager, I loved watching Jennifer Lopez lay lavendar on the pillows in Maid in Manhattan and always treat hospitality with respect.

Knowing how much of a joy it is to be treated as a guest, to experience something new and all the clarity and inspiration that comes with being away from the norm mean that Hotel’s are genuinely my escape, whether alone or with loved ones I savour every day spent and always vow to return sooner.

Sidenote: Tip your service staff and don’t be afraid to check where any service charge goes. You never know, that money could be paying for their dream family holiday or transport back to work the following day ( Insert memories of my university experience working 2 jobs)

Celebration Moment Three: Rings

A few years ago my parent’s gave me Christmas money and told me to “buy someTHING not just food” (the food part is a story for another time) but I thought about it, and found myself shopping for this magical THING that could top the salmon side, olive marinated lamb and accessories I had planned to treat my tummy too.

I found myself in Pandora and got a the Wishbone ring, I looked at it, left, came back and looked again, then tried it on. The ring was special, shaped like a tiara it spoke to the royalty I believed for my life, I also realised as it was something I could keep for years to come as a reminder of that.

Ever-since then, I have rewarded myself with a ring or piece of jewellery at key career or business milestones so most of the pieces I own tell a story of a moment in life and remind me of those when I wear them.

Celebration Moment Four: A Good Coffee Table Book

It’s beautiful, it’s full of wisdom and is available for any guest to flick through. I have bought 3 copies of Jade Purple Brown’s “Words to live by” so far as gifts to myself, my mum and aunt. It is packed full of words of awesome women and art by the author herself.  I have been an avid reader my whole life but more and more realise how important it is to have a book that surprises me, a book I can pick up and flick the pages, stop are random and receive some guidance or inspiration for the day.

p.s. You don’t have to have a coffee table for a coffee table book so feel free to create your own collection whenever you want!

What about you? Do you have some “favourite things”? Share in the comments below as I’d love to hear about them!c

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For the Love of Self-Gifting and Celebration: my 4 favourite things - Just Jaz

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