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Ode To Lake Merritt: Love for the Theatre of Life

I am going with the flow, here is my ode to Lake Merritt:

The lake on a Sunday afternoon

Soul with the Sun

Family with the fun

Marvin’s sermon from the speaker

A kind of live-theatre

Men talk to boys of a mother’s love

The lights switch-on above

Couples lay to smoke

Families celebrate as the BBQ smokes

The breeze slow and gentle

Encourages something physical, spiritual, mental

This right here is home

This right here is soul

Soothed by the deep bass and the lake’s flow

We play, we laugh, we cry

This is the theatre of life

Layers of generations on this green land

A pause, a reprieve from the World of ‘Mad Men’

An intermission in the theatre of life.


To get a taste of why I was inspired to write this ode to Lake Merritt, visit the park website.

Or click here to read more about my thoughts on creating space for reflection

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Ode To Lake Merritt: Love for the Theatre of Life - Just Jaz

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