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My Powerful Birthday Wish

It’s a lovely Sunday in London and I am still glowing from a date-day with myself last weekend , where I made a powerful birthday wish.

It all began with attending Shout Out Network’s podcast festival, then taking my exploding brain and inspiration to Bea’s of Bloomsbury in st. Pauls to do some writing and then meandering over the Millenium bridge to Tate modern to see the Offprintlondon self-publishing event, then strolling alongside the south bank to Royal Festival Hall to immerse myself in further creative writing; this time overlooking the Thames ahead of the sunset. 

This part never happened, as an elder lady said “hello” and I said “hello” back both in very cheerful tones and she asked if I was going to the auditorium, I said “no” she said she can get me in if I wanted to come, I said, “yes, thank you”.

I asked to help her with her bags and we boarded the “singing elevator” to the auditorium which turned out to be Ted x London! She gripped my hand tightly as we entered ensuring nobody dared question the lack of attendee badge around my neck. 

We sat to enjoy the final talks under the theme of “Beyond Borders” and as the final round of applause rang, she told me how she had sung for the opening and she was so happy to be a part of the event.

She was a community and human right’s activist with the freedom right and liberty organisation protesting against the immigration bill.

We spoke at length as I captured her with a few photos in the auditorium and around the building, she shared some of her struggles in life past and present and turned to me with genuine wonder to ask “Why do so many people walk around and not smile? I have been through many things but I still smile” 

I told her I don’t know as we walked to take a final image together outside the Queen Elizabeth Hall in her anti-trump t-shirt and shared her image on “instam-grams”.

You see, the only part of this day I had planned was the podcast festival. Everything else was an adventure that took me to places I never expected to be. And it made me reflect on a few things as I have recently celebrated my birthday, and create a birthday wish (or three) to mark the moment:

  • My birthday wish is to have more days like this, with space and time to wander physically, emotionally and spiritually.
  • My birthday wish is to continue to be someone who smiles when walking around the sometimes miserable London; I have many things to be grateful for and smile about
  • My birthday wish is to sneak people into “auditoriums” I’ve been a part of or created I challenge you to create room in life for days like this and see who you meet, even if it is a greater version of yourself.

I challenge you to create room in life for days like this and see who you meet, even if it is a greater version of yourself. The first step might only be to create a birthday wish.

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My Powerful Birthday Wish - Just Jaz

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