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Making Space for Reflection

It’s so important to make space for reflection. On Saturday 19 October 10 ladies gathered in a room in Central London to hear and share from their hearts. It was inspiring and I thought it was only right that I share some of the highlights.

Staying focused in a social media world

Natalie Scott shared on Staying focused in a social media World; sharing her experiences of executing her power over Instagram, Twitter and much more.

Honest and jam-packed with practical things that we can do to ensure our relationship with social media remains healthy and doesn’t interfere with us living and being. Simple things like putting the whole phone on do not disturb to protect our evenings, un-installing apps and doing all without grand announcements as a part of life without apology or explanation.

Return to the basics, building relationships offline and allowing our time to be filled with the here and now instead of documenting it.

Natalie is such a straight shooter you can’t help but relate and take action on the lessons she shares. We collectively took a moment to reflect on how our social media makes us feel (including those that use it for our business’), we also took a moment to appreciate the relationships we have online with those we haven’t met. The discussion wasn’t the vilification of social media, it was a reminder of our power over it and how we can be intentional so it doesn’t take more than it give.

How to make your health journey an experience not a chore


Be honest, how does that word make you feel? Does that make you think of diets and exercise and stress? Do you think of fun?

Stephanie is passionate about public health and people finding their way through this thing from the inside out. Drawing from her own personal experiences she shared what prompted her to be deliberate in her health journey and figuring out what works for her.

She encouraged us to be in constant communication with our bodies, paying attention to how it feels when we try new things and letting that open a new adventurous world exploring different types of exercise, different foods and meals. 

The key message was for us to stop seeing what someone else is doing and hitting copy & paste because what works for others may not work for us and that doesn’t mean to throw it all in the bin, it just means that sometimes it’s just SOMETHING that needs changing.

Release your fear. Tap into your freedom

Bukky shared from her heart. A summary of the year and the lessons life has been teaching her the key one being that fear is an illusion/

A real-world illustration of what life is like in and out of fear and what it takes to get there. Something that we can get looped into so easily. Second guessing ourselves, discounting ourselves from opportunities no matter how qualified we may be because we are afraid to become a meme!

A constant space of being hard on ourselves, doubting and comparison to our better selves can get us stuck. We all know the saying “treat others how you would like to be treated” and Bukky encouraged us to “Treat yourself how you treat other people”. Be your own cheerleader, be kind, champion your greatness. Can you honestly say you would talk to others how you sometimes talk to yourself?

It’s time to stop waiting for others to recognise you! Stop waiting for them to reach into the shadows where you have become comfortable. Raise your hand and raise your voice to say “It was me, I did this, I created this” and tap into your freedom.

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Making Space for Reflection - Just Jaz

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