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Introducing The Amplify Ambition Scale

Bedroom Producer by Matthew Addington

When it comes to Embracing Ambition the Amplify Ambition Scale is a great way of articulating where you are and where you’d like to be. Whether you dedicate your life to supporting others ambitions or your ambition is something deeply personal and private it’s all good. It’s all ambition.

I believe nothing bad happens when we embrace and amplify our ambition. We have been taught that ambition is a dirty word, something to be avoided as it’s synonymous with selfishness and arrogance, but that’s not the case. If you are to think of any inspiring person you admire I guarantee you they have ambition. They’ve done a bold thing and gotten comfortable enough with their innate desire for “more” to do something about it. 

As a result they’ve changed lives; not only their own but their family, community and connections. We shouldn’t believe the lies, and instead we should take the brave and curious step of embracing, amplifying and acting on our ambition. The Amplify Ambition Scale simply helps us see what that looks like:


Your ambition is the best-kept secret in the World, you often find yourself downplaying your goals when asked and feel safer doing that; for now. You slowly but surely work out which desires in life are truly yours and which are borrowed from others.


Folks know you’re ambitious simply by how you move through life. You seem to find a way to get to the destinations and things you want without much fuss. In some ways the poster child for a growth mindset and moving forward.


Everyone knows you are ambitious; they know if your building was on fire you’d grab your loved humans and your laptop and you have no shame in that. You love nothing more than to bounce off others who are ambitious and always have the next step in mind. 


You don’t remember not-being ambitious. You demonstrate through your life and career that only good things happen when you are ambitious. So much so; you can’t help but foster it in others; by mentoring, podcasting, speaking, teaching, coaching or simply giving those priceless pep talks over dinner. The ambition is palpable.

No matter where you are on the scale there are things you can do to grow in your ambition and impact. Through sustainable personal development and growth, through community and through deeper self-awareness. This is something we explore inside The Vault linked below.


The Vault

The high-achievers secret weapon for embracing ambition. A collection of coaching-based career resources for high achievers who are ready to embrace ambition and build the careers they truly desire.

Introducing The Amplify Ambition Scale - Just Jaz

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