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How to balance my side hustle with a demanding 9-5 NOW

balancing 9-5 with side hustle
Getting the balance of a side hustle with a full-time job is tricky. So let’s get into it.

I want to start by questioning the combination of “demanding” with 9-5? Is that all-the-way true or are you really trying to tell me your job is more 8am – 7pm on any given day?

Because I’m going to answer from that assumption.

Your time is exactly that, when you show up to work you exchange time and energy for money, you are on-the-clock so you must show up and deliver but you should also have room to set boundaries because regardless of whether you are putting boundaries in place to study, spend time with family or lay in your garden it is YOUR time when you clock-off.

I probably speak for the majority of us when I say… we are not saving lives in the NHS in our day-jobs. So here are a few tips you can apply as-appropriate:

Side Hustle balance tip #1

Speak with your manager about the extra hours you are consistently doing and if they can be reduced or are symptoms of inefficient processes and the need to hire more people. Some of you will be doing the jobs of 1.5 people without the recognition or £££ to match.  Regardless of what you plan to do with your life 5pm-9am you are entitled to some kind of boundary and freedom when you are off the clock.

Side Hustle balance tip #2

Block out time in your calendar for lunch and mark it DNS (Do not schedule) and use that to get some things done before you’re completely drained for the day…

Side Hustle balance tip #3

If you use Google for work, go into the calendar and set your working hours so an alert will pop up if someone tries to book you after 6pm for instance politely informing them of your shift pattern.

Side Hustle balance tip #4

Worst-case scenario, use your annual leave to give you extra time to work on your side-hustle. A long weekend here and there or a mid-week day off can help give you the space you need to move forward with your side hustle.

If, of course, my assumption is wildly incorrect and it IS a mentally draining 9-5…

Take the advice I’ve said before; take a break between the day-job and the side hustle to relax your mind a bit and instead of stockpiling your self-care and rest to the weekend, you may find it easier to do that during the week. 

In both scenarios…

Get your time written down in black and white, how many hours in time do you truly have and how many hours of energy you truly have then ruthlessly prioritise what you will get down in that time slot.

Do you struggle to balance your side hustle with your job or have questions about it? Book a call with me to talk over how I can help you

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How to balance my side hustle with a demanding 9-5 NOW - Just Jaz

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