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Creating Positive Change In Your Career NOW

Coaching is ALL about change, it’s about moving forward from an introspective space and creating positive change in your career now. For coaching to truly be life-changing you have to get comfortable with change.

Change is sometimes painful, sometimes we subconsciously and consciously want to stay exactly how we are and therefore where we are. 

Change was not designed to be a walk in the park, it’s more of a marathon; unique, challenging and in many ways predictably unpredictable (you never know if it will start to rain or your ankle may give out). I find this is easiest described in 3 steps:

Change in your career #1 
Desired Change

This happens the moment you simply change your mind, you change your plans and decide to confess to yourself that you want something that is by dictionary definition:

  • Different
  • New
  • More
  • Less

In any area of your life. What are areas of life? Finances, relationships, career, health… the list goes on and is quite powerfully encapsulated in one of my favourite coaching tools; the Wheel of Life (blog post on that here).

Change in your career #2
Declared Change

This is when it changes and gets scary and you want to run. By definition, a declaration is the moment you tell a trusted friend, a stranger or coach of your desired change. This can often sound like:

  • I want
  • I need
  • I am
  • I am going to

Lovely brave declarations of what is to come in your life. By themselves, they seem harmless, right? They often sit comfortably at the beginning of our affirmations, slogan tees (which I love) and sassy stationery.

As a coach I love-love-love all of these because it is sometimes so uncomfortable to say “I”. It seems pushy, selfish or sometimes arrogant…

How dare you want something from life? 

How dare you be so bold? 

My work as a coach is to give you the space to be all those things and not give a damn! To create change in your life you have to believe it is possible and it is something you are more than worthy of it. And if that makes you pushy, selfish or arrogant it’s a microscopic price to pay for the fuller life at the end of that tunnel.

There is so much power in saying things out loud which is beautifully captured in this article.

Change in your career #3
Real Change

Action people. Nothing more, nothing less. This is a space where you have to put your money, time, energy, focus and movements where your mouth was in that declaration.

You have to make a change that is real to you and it’s not always the instagrammable-finished-work that people so often like to share.\

Sometimes it’s as simple as completing an exercise in your coaching session that helps you find an extra 30 minutes in each day to spend reading that book which in turn makes you feel and know that you can do the things you set your mind to, that reminds you of how in-control you are.

Then you bottle that feeling and evidence to then take an even bigger change in your career next time!


If you are ready to create a work-life balance that automatically feeds into creating the career of your dreams, you should have a look at my 1-1 coaching or sign up for the Vault Membership.

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