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An ode to empowered decisions: 4 important things to think about

I want to share a story with you that shows the importance of empowered decisions, in the hopes that you will save some time and energy without too many worries in your own journey.

 In 2020 I decided I missed working with folks in a group context, watching them bounce-off each other and harvest from coaching observed. I wanted to resource and equip people. So in November 2020 I launch Career Clubhouse (no affiliation to the Clubhouse app). It was an all-you-can-eat buffet of coaching, resource and training for ambitious professionals that didn’t discriminate around career type, entrepreneurs, professionals and side-hustlers alike were part of this community. Partway through 2021, I started to realise something wasn’t right.I gathered feedback but was being plagued by the question “Is this truly the best way of serving people you have in your heart?”… it’s important to be careful what you ask yourself because what came back through my intuition and feedback was no.  It had become overwhelming and too open to deliver 1 or 2 specific results…how could I communicate a membership that was a roulette table of outcomes?  Results included:

  • Gaining the confidence to leave a job 
  • Starting businesses
  • Facing imposter syndrome
  • Trust themselves
  • Becoming empowered around money
  • and so. much. more.

In doing ALL-the-things, it was doing less of the things. But alas it was beautiful. I mean, who wouldn’t want quarterly socials, special guest coaches, weekly coaching with me and a private community? Oh.. and access to all other programmes or masterclasses I led.

I share this story as an example of an empowered decision-missed.

I got the intuitive “no” in June 2021
and struggled with the decision until November 2021.

The hesitation to listen to my intuition was the opposite of everything I am. It was uncharacteristic and something I vowed never to do again; instead, I made a renewed commitment to making empowered decisions and bias towards action.

Everything is subject to change

I genuinely believe this phrase with every bone in my body, but there was still a pang of guilt that I had embraced Career Clubhouse as “the-one”. My soulmate service. It wasn’t that. But it’s important to trust that in the same way inspired action can take place, it can take place again. As a ‘manifesting generator’ in human design and a lifelong fountain of ideas… I knew I would still want space to create more. And this wasn’t possible with the membership. My new decision aligned with my belief in evolution, growth and constant improvement. 

Have you forgotten who you are?

I had. AND all the decisions I’d made to this point that had turned out for the better. So often we forget all our achievements and capability gained through simply living our lives. The fact that something that once seemed impossible is now our everyday is an easily forgotten fact of life. I mean, would 8 year old you know how to do your job? Give yourself some kudos and put some respect on your name; you’ve more than earned it. On a scale of 1-10 how empowered do you feel making decisions, remembering the fullness of who you are? 

Closing something doesn’t mean it never existed

We don’t deny relationships we’ve had in the past and we don’t forget the amazing food we had at a restaurant that is now closed down. Remember your decision to end something doesn’t wipe away or cast a shadow on what was before; that will always be your project, competency or idea that you brought to life, so you should be proud and not ashamed. Which memories have you become ashamed of? Which work experiences were you quick to delete from your CV? ..yep, I see you! 

There is always something to gain

I have relationships with all the past members and space to create new resources, programmes and experiences for ambitious folks ready for more in their careers. I also have gained a sense of peace, and what feels like a cheat code to indulge in how I am designed and what lights me up. What new possibilities could be on the other side of your decision? If this is something that resonates with you I’m glad. I think our lives would be transformed if we all were brave enough to pursue and make empowered decisions. To dig deeper book a workshop on this topic here or join the next masterclass here. Interested to learn more about this part of my journey? The coaches of what was the Career Clubhouse, sat down to record an episode of The Limitless Career Podcast.

An ode to empowered decisions: 4 important things to think about - Just Jaz

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